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This Slovakia travel blog is a repository of all the blogs I have written on the destination – unfortunately only two blogs as I had a bad experience in the country before I could explore more of it.

I travelled to Slovakia on a blog trip by Bratislava Tourism Board, but during my second day in the country, three people mugged me and ran away with my camera.

On day 1, I explore a bit of Bratislava and tried a shooting experience (have written a blog about it below). On day 2, while returning to my hotel in Bratislava, three people looted me. And since they ran away with my camera equipment I had to discontinue my trip.

In the below shared Slovakia travel blog you can read my experience of getting mugged and how, when it all happened, people in Slovakia donated me money and helped me recover the loss.

In the entire experience, I have learned that people in Slovakia are very helpful and proud people – and their rich culture make them so. I have heard people in the countryside share more cultural and religious lifestyle than what I experienced in Bratislava.

Having said that, and owing to an incomplete trip, I am planning to revisit and write more blogs on Slovakia. Until then, here are the only two blogs, including my experience of getting mugged and finding help in Bratislava…