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Cambodia Tourist Visa: Why I Say Visa On Arrival?


If you think there’s a list of countries that fall under the category of Countires-With-Supereasy-Visa-Policies, consider Cambodia having a place in it. I landed in Cambodia at 2 in the afternoon (after realising that I’d have rather taken a bus to the country), and by 2:15 I was through. This was when I’d to apply for Visa on Arrival.

Thailand Visa on Arrival for its long queue had me discouraged, but God help Cambodia who made it up to me. In 15 minuntes, after my AirAsia flight dropped me, right on top of the runway, in Siem Reap, I was on the other side of the world. The world that lies behind the walls of Airport. The free world. Getting a visa stamp for Cambodia is super easy, and quick. I remember I did not wait more than 3 minutes at VOA department, and I get my beautifully-stamped passport back.

I totally loved how the airport officials swiftly dealt with my application, in addition to some 30 other applications that landed together with me. Though that’s a different question that they’re, at their part, a little careless, I was still happy and a little bemused. The happiness went out of control, when they asked USD 30 as VOA fee, on contrary to USD 35, as was mentioned on their website (as of October/2016). “An extra 5 dollar bill, I can use it to pay for my tuktuk,” I thought.

So yea, getting a VISA to Cambodia is easy, quick and a no hassle. But out of three ways to obtain it: the traditional visit-the-embassy style, electronic eVisa, and Visa on Arrivals (VOA), what one is best?

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Which One Is Best

If you want your Visa to be longer than one month, go for the traditional visit-the-embassy style. But if one month, is enough – then eVisa and VOA are two convenient options.

So speaking of eVisa and VOA, I chose VOA, because it was cheaper. Though the website says, eVisa is 40 dollars, which is not a big difference from the cost of a VOA, there’s a catch. As you finish your eVisa application and decide to pay for it, the payment gateway that Cambodia’s immigration website is using, adds some 30 dollar surcharge on top it – making it 70 dollars for you in total. 70 dollars for a 30 day tourist visa to Cambodia. Too pricey.

So I used VOA, and I made a good choice. It cost me 40 dollars and just a few minutes at the airport.

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What Documents They Check At Airport On VOAcambodia-airport

Rejection chances are almost none on VOA in Cambodia. If I tell you about my experience, I was not asked a question. I did not even show my return/outbound ticket, as a proof of my valid exit from Cambodia in under 30 days.

So as long as you’ve a valid passport, and it’s allowed a VOA in Cambodia, consider no questions and no verification being asked/done. Still I hardly recommend to have a return ticket, to avoid any last minute fallouts. Cambodian Embassy website also asks you to have a return ticket, so they can pretty much demand for it anytime, and if not found, can even reject your application.


  • VOA is the easiest, comprehensive and convenient option.
  • Chances of rejection are almost none.
  • It is much cheaper than eVisa.
  • You can get it from two airports: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and/or at over 10 border checkpoints.
  • Carry a Passport with at least 6 months validity, one recent photograph (2 inches x 2 inches), appropriate visa fee.
  • Carry a return/outbound ticket. More FAQs here.

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