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6 Reasons To Visit Genting Highlands While You Are In Malaysia

Malaysia always turn out to be one of those countries that never disappoint tourists. From Highlands that are a breath of clean, cool air; to mesmerizing islands; to new-age modern cities – it has something for everyone. But among all, if you’re looking for something that fits best to your few days family holiday, look no further than the Genting Highlands.

For those who don’t already know, Genting is approximately an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and is nestled on a mountain peak! So expect really cooling weather.

What else you can expect here is a crazy theme park, a strawberry fun farm, mesmerizing cable car rides, some memorable shopping experiences… well the list is long. But if I were to suggest the top experiences you should head to Genting Highlands for, as soon as you’re done with the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, they would be these:

A ride In The Cable Car

Though you can reach Genting Highland via your own car, the best way to get there, however, is in a cable car. As you swiftly fly over a breath-taking view, overlooking the lush green mountains, you realise that your time in Malaysia couldn’t be more picture perfect. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and it’s a great activity for the whole family.

Trying Your Luck In A Casino

If you’re already of legal age, and are a little positive about your shining stars, do not forget to try your luck at a poker table, in one of the 24 hour casinos in Genting. After all, there is no harm winning a little more cash for your trip, when you can, right? But before you do that, check the dress code, because patrons wearing sunglasses, slippers, short pants and other sports attire are generally not permitted.

Picking Your Own Strawberries At The Strawberry Farm

The Strawberry Farm at Genting Highlands allows you to pluck strawberries and get that authentically 100% fresh strawberry taste. Just roam around the lanes of the garden and pick the best juicy ones for yourself. Alternatively, those fresh strawberries can also be purchased by weight.

Along with the strawberry garden, they also have a Mushroom and a Lavender garden, where you can see how they’re grow, and harvested.

The Outdoor Theme Park

Once you’re in Genting Highlands, be prepared to experience some thrilling, sky-high rides in the outdoor theme park. The vide variety of rides you can find here will surely leave you awestruck – the happy, the scary, the easy, the wet, you name it. Though the outdoor theme park is currently under construction for a bigger, better Fox themed theme park and is supposed to launch around June 2017, I wonder what its next version is going to be like. For a tip, when you visit the outdoor theme park, make sure you carry a pair of extra shoes and clothes for you to look like a sane, civilized being, upon your return.

Play Around In Snow City

As you might have guessed, Snow City, is a mini artificial city covered in snow. It’s about 22.8k sq. and the temperature inside is -6 Celsius. A nice change from the everyday heat in Kuala Lampur, if you visit here with your kids, be rest assured that this is going to be their trip’s highlight. The snow city is definitely a no miss for families. It is located just a few yards away from the indoor theme park.

Enjoy The Natural Vistas And A Perfect Weather

If none of the above strikes your fancy, then you’d definitely be enthralled by the eye-soothing landscapes of Genting Highlands. Just find a quiet corner to make yourself comfy and enjoy the serenity and the peace on these mountains. Genting Highlands is moreover always a few good degrees cooler than Kuala Lumpur and other neighbouring flat-lands, making it a refreshing and breezy getaway!

Where To Stay

Though there’s a wide range of hotels in Genting Highlands, the First World Hotel, Genting, would be my recommendation. People coming here can drive up to the resort or stop at the Genting Skyway Station and take a cable car up to the summit. You can find more info and other options at the Traveloka website.

All picture credits: kuala-lumpur.ws

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