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Hong Kong: In Pictures

When it comes to photography and pictures, Hong Kong can never disappoint. I mean you just Google search for Hong Kong Pictures and you will get the idea: there is just no end to scrolling down. From one of the world’s most congested concrete jungles to green spaces to an interesting street life, Hong Kong has everything a photographer may need.

During my blog trip with Cathay Pacific Airlines, I ended up exploring Hong Kong for a few days, on my own, and never did I feel a desire to make friends or look for a company. The streets of Hong Kong and my camera were enough as companions.

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So out of a few days of directionless wandering, and an effort to capture Hong Kong and its essence in my lens, this is what I’ve produced. This is…

Hong Kong, In Pictures

Hong Kong, as a city is quite strategically located, with a cram-full of skyscrapers in the middle surrounded by lush green hills. Standing on top of one of those hills as you overlook the city, you feel like being in a different world. If today, in your country, you know it’s 2018, in Hong Kong, it feels at least 2050.

However, once you start exploring Hong Kong from deep inside, you come across seemingly ugly looking and hopelessly cramped buildings with thousands of people sharing very little space among them. If Hong Kong is otherwise known as a concrete jungle, there’s no reason asking WHY!

If you want to experience the real day to day life of Hongkongers, there’s no better place than one of its many busy streets. With the highlight being…

…the streets around the Central and the Western District, of course!

Though made of a few small and big islands, the Kowloon Peninsula (where I am standing right now, behind the camera) and Hong Kong Island (in the background) is what pretty much completes Hong Kong.

And connecting the two is the regular ferry service that takes you to a wonderful 10-minute ride from one island to the other for as less as HKD 1.5

Though if you fancy a little longer ride, and wanted to explore a few more islands, there are several private boat ride companies to choose from. One similar popular thing to do is a ride in a traditional Junk Boat. It takes you back in time and makes you feel no less than a shoddy pirate. You can choose between a day trip…

…or a more romantic evening one.

And then again, every town around the world has its own charm. Where some places look more gorgeous during the day, Hong Kong, certainly, becomes prettier in the evening. As the sun starts setting down and the skyscrapers come to life, the town regains some sort of alluring vibrancy.

So yea, Hong Kong is certainly a night city. It even makes the same afternoon boring, maddening traffic, look romantic — infusing a little poetry in you as a river does.

Where it won’t be wrong to say that Hong Kong is primarily a busy town, with most Hongkongers having no time for themselves, let alone for others, for those who appreciate green spaces, nature and some ‘Me Time’, there are certainly enough options. Just go in any direction, away from the Central District, and you will find a path taking you to a secluded hill…

… or a secluded beach, with almost no life around you.

And one of the best places to escape the town and climb higher up to find some green space, in Hong Kong, is certainly The Peak. And the best way to get there is a 10 minute Peak Tram Ride that costs HKD 40. Imagine sitting or standing on a tram at an almost 45° angle while the view is fast changing from magnanimous apartment buildings to mountain trails.

But if that’s a bit of an effort and you’re feeling lazy, you can always find a cozy corner by a waterfront promenade with a beer in hand and some lovely company of strangers.

Alright, this one is just for the sake of adding food. Because you do a picture story about Hong Kong and you don’t give a single mention of dim-sums and other local delicacies of Hong Kong? Not fair!

I visited Hong Kong on a press trip with Cathay Pacific Airlines. Where my journey and stay was sponsored by them, everything written above is solely based on personal finding and experiences. I only recommend what I personally try, and find worth appreciating.


After my couple of years of corporate career, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in a backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to spend your life working at one place, and that's what inspires me to remain footloose and fancy-free for the rest of my life!

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