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How To Drive Across Spiti Valley Cheap, And In Less Than 5 Thousand Rupees


Spiti Valley is harsh and inhospitable in nature. With an average height of 12,500 feet above sea level, it consists of high alpine lands scattered with small postcard-perfect villages of mud-homes and monasteries.

But when it comes to experiencing it, many find their pockets falling short. “25 thousands for 10 nights? I can go to Bali for a week, for that price,” and they would abnegate the idea.

How Much A Prepaid Itinerary To Spiti Valley Costsspitivalley

A 7 to 10-day prepaid bike tour can costs over 25,000 per person – depending upon the number of members and the kind of accommodation being offered during the tour.  A comparatively cheaper option, however, which crams you in a standard 9 seater Jeep – starts from a whopping 15 thousand Rupees for a week-long itinerary. Now the only option is – if you want to do it super cheap – you go backpacking riding uneasy buses and staying in smelly dorms.

Or, you take your motorbike out, change its flat tires, follow my 9 Day Bike Expedition itinerary, and have kickass riding experience on the world’s deadliest roads, in less what a flight ticket from Mumbai-Delhi costs. However, don’t forget to carry your tent. Because it is only by camping, and saving 100% on your accommodation, you can do it in less than 5,000 Rupees.

I did Spiti Valley on my 5-years old Pulsar 200cc. It offered me a mileage of 20-30 km a litre and ended up being a perfect, reliable friend, during the entire journey. I had it a little modified though, to fit on its both sides a good quality Ladakh Carrier, and she was good to go. However, if you run a proud Bullet 500 Classic, with a pair of superheavy alloy wheels, you might have to pay a little more than 5 thousand, for the entire trip.

Things To Keep In Mind For Spiti Valley

hotel kaza
Spiti is accessible by road from two sides – from Manali, and from Shimla. I did it from Shimla, towards Kaza, before finally hitting Manali. And I would advise you too, to start from Shimla and move towards Kaza and Manali, for three reasons. One, this saves you from getting into the hassle of obtaining a permit to cross Rohtang Pass, which you only need if you initiate the journey from Manali. Two, you save a few hundred Rupees, in the process. And three, when you want the trip to be cheaper, every little help.

My 5,000 Rupees Spiti Valley Road TripRekong Peo

Starting from New Delhi, the journey took me a total of 9 Days and around 1100 Kilometers – to do the Spiti Valley circuit and return home. 1100 kilometers took a good portion from the budget – some 2300 Rupees. Apart from the fuel cost, accommodation costs a fortune. I saved 100 percent on my accommodation by camping throughout the tour [I’ve already covered ideal camping places on Spiti Valley tribal circuit and about their permissions, in another blog post. Read Camping In Spiti Valley].

So, the total cost minus the fuel and stay left me with 2,700 Rupees – which had to be spent only on food. And 2,700 (for 9 days, which brings per day cost to about 300 Rupees) is a decent amount of money for food in these parts of Himalayas.

You can further bring the cost down, by traveling with a friend and splitting the fuel cost into two halves. But as you’re already doing it for so cheap, why bother inviting unsolicited implications and kill the adventure of traveling solo?

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After my couple of years of corporate career, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in a backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to spend your life working at one place, and that's what inspires me to remain footloose and fancy-free for the rest of my life!


  1. Sanjay Desai says

    Sorry its me again 😉 This one’s for you Dev – “&” guys like us B) :
    “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

  2. Anonymous says

    What precautions we should take before the trip?
    What bike problems we may have to face in this route and how to overcome this amd parts we have to carry ?
    Thanks in advance

  3. siddharth bajaj says

    1. where to get refresh in morning in each halt? if you doing own camp.
    2. Is Spiti vally is more adventurous and beautiful than Leh ? I did leh laddak bike trip solo.

    • You can find guest houses on the way where you can release the load, else make a pit and do it there (it’s all degradable) as long as you’re not doing in open and near a water source, it’s all cool.
      And yes, spiti valley is defi more adventurous. Leh is commercialised, and you can certainly not compare the two. The landscapes are similar at times, but the feeling of riding in Spiti is different. There are no roads in Spiti, Leh has great roads (at times, better than we have in Delhi or Mumbai 😀 haha)

  4. Hi Dev,

    That’s a really helpful blog as I myself am thinking of going through the same itinerary. But the only problem is that I have a Gixxer SF its a 150cc bike.. so shall I take that on the trip or should i rent a bullet !!
    Please suggest


  5. Sanjay Desai says

    Hello Dev! I am stuck with a peculiar problem. I can manage to get out on a longish detour only during the Diwali vacations – I am a Prof in a Uni. The number of days -net- that I always have is 10. Although I have trekked a lot – most recent, Rupin Pass, my wife is not much of a tent camp in the cold sort. Is there an economical way of doing the Shimla – Kaza – Shimla route? No harm in checking options at this time though.

    • Sanjay Desai says

      Hi Dev! Can I do the Spiti tour on my Vespa 125cc scooter? No! I am serious! I have rode some on it. Don’t underestimate it. If not, then what? Can I rent a Bullet somewhere in Delhi/Shimla/Manali? If yes, costing …. By the way Dev, believe me but I am following you closely – and will catch up soon. Gratuitously yours …..

      • Ankit Jais says

        Yes you can do Spiti on scooter but Spiti is itself a challenging terrain and going by scooter would be adding an extra challenge to the trip.
        If you have the confidence that its not going to broke down then it can be easily done.
        Yes you can rent a bike from Delhi/ Chandigarh/ Shimla. But I would recommend to heir bikes from Delhi as this will give you an opportunity to complete the circuit.

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