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Mount Titlis: A Day Trip From Zurich You’d Not Want To Miss

Switzerland, for Indians, has always remained a county with beautiful countryside and well distinguished farmlands. It’s a country to skip the big towns, wander off the highway onto the back roads, and experience those unforgettable bollywood movie sequences we’ve gown up watching. From Sangam (released in 1960s) to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaege, Indian cinema’s fascination for romantic songs and dreamy sequences, to be shot in Switzerland, never took a step back.

And to personally experience the never-ending fascination Swiss countryside and its Alps, I decided to leave Zurich behind, and do a day trip to the mount of Titlis.

For those who don’t know, Mount Titlis is a mountain located at 10,000 feet above sea level, in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. It is easily accessible from Zurich, via train, but the best way to explore it is by booking a day trip from a tour company. This is for two reasons, one: because it’s convenient and saves you time, and two: because by doing so you get to explore another highlight in Switzerland, and that is the beautiful town of Luzern, all in one day!

First Stop: The Town Of Luzern

I booked my trip with a tour company called The Best Of Switzerland, and it couldn’t be any better – thanks to a lovely company of fellow tourists, a super-affable tour guide Marseille and his quirky sense of humor.

We started from Zurich at 9:30 in the morning, bypassing through a few smaller towns and a conduit of ever impressive highways, before reaching our first stop at the town of Luzern. And it turned out to be one of those picturesque ancient towns, I definitely did not want to miss on during my visit to Switzerland.

Located, almost blissfully, in the central part of Switzerland, Luzern can only be best enjoyed on foot, and by strolling along prettily painted historic houses. We had more than an hour to explore the town and its number of notable medieval landmarks including the Chapel Bridge, one of Europe’s oldest covered bridges.

Though Luzern is rich in history, you should not expect it to be any seemingly medieval looking, or rustic. Exemplified by the architecturally impressive Culture and Convention Center designed by a French architect, and the many breathtaking new-age buildings let you find a perfect balance between the time of past of tomorrow.

Next Stop: The Town of Engelberg And Further Towards Mount Of Titlis

After a wee ride from Luzern, and more breathtaking views of what seemed to be a perpetual picture perfect world, we finally reached Engelberg, just below Mt. Titlis, from where our journey of two different cable cars – a standard cable car, and a revolving one (called the Rotair) started.

As I got into the first one and journeyed towards a whooping 10,000 feet above sea level, I wondered how they managed to the setup and an observatory at such challenging geographic conditions. But you do not need to worry as the entire seemingly breathtaking facilities are more than safe.

The revolving Rotair wounded its way up towards the snow-covered summit as I was reminded by someone that it was perhaps the world’s first revolving gondola that can accommodate up to 50 people and can reach to an altitude of 10,000 feet above the sea level.

The gondola revolved 360 degrees during its five-minute trip, treating its passengers to idyllic panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses and the prominent snow-covered mountain peaks.

It took just a little less than a half hour, before I was on the top of Mount Titlis – with a few dozen other happy tourists, half of whom appeared to be Asian.

There were a few activities on Mount Titlis besides feeling awed sitting inside the cable cars. This included the cliff walk, Europe’s highest suspension bridge, a glacier cave, and a ice flyer. Out of all of them, however, I particularly loved walking through the glacier cave, where the ice appeared to lit up in different colors, and the temperature felt at least a few degrees below zero.

A Few Tips To Plan Your Trip Better

Wear warm clothes, gloves and good shoes. It’s the snow and it’s below zero a lot of the time with blizzard conditions. You don’t need snow gear but if you have it all the better.

Inside the rotating gondola (the Rotair) get on the window, any window, because as the whole cabin rotates 360 degrees all you’d want is to gaze out of the window and treat your eyes with the ever impressive views.

If time allows, explore the the town of Engleberg. Every look of it will make you believe that it’s what story books about Switzerland are made of. And paintings. And postcards. Here the hills appear soft, rolling and bright green. It is a quintessential Switzerland.

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  1. Very beautiful blog, images are very eye catching. Cable car journey and it’s way which you shoot thats amazing. Love it..

  2. Each picture of yours looked like a postcard to me. Mount Titlis was already high on my travel bucket list but your post description and pictures of those snow covered mountain views, creases, glacier cave and a suspension bridge have increased my urge to visit it soon. Loved it.

  3. we have similar towns like this here in nigeria and i must say this one is extremely beautiful.

  4. Beautifully written post to one of the most beautiful countries IMHO. Mt Titlis is high on my list to visit. Loved the glacier cave. So, did you buy snow clothes to be able to enjoy this ?

    • I didn’t. The one I was wearing (Superdry) was warm enough. I used it while travelling to Spiti Valley and Chandratal as well. And well, no place, at least in Switzerland, can be as harsh as Chandratal 😀

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