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How To Drive Across Spiti Valley Cheap, And In Less Than 5 Thousand Rupees


Spiti Valley is harsh and inhospitable in nature. With an average height of 12,500 feet above sea level, it consists of high alpine lands scattered with small postcard-perfect villages of mud-homes and monasteries.

But when it comes to experiencing it, many find their pockets falling short. “25 thousands for 10 nights? I can go to Bali for a week, for that price,” and they would abnegate the idea.

How Much A Prepaid Itinerary Costsspitivalley

A 7 to 10 day prepaid bike tour can costs over 25,000 per person – depending upon the number of members and the kind of prospects being offered during the tour.  A comparatively cheaper outlay, however, which crams you in a standard 9 seater Jeep – starts from a whopping 12 thousand Rupees for a week long itinerary. Now the only option is – if you want to do it supercheap – you go backpacking riding uneasy buses and staying in smelly dorms.

Or, you take your motorbike out, change its flat tires, follow my 9 Day Bike Expedition itinerary, and have a kickass driving experience in the world’s most deadly roads, in less what a flight ticket from Mumbai-Delhi costs. However don’t forget to carry your tent. Because it is only by camping, and saving 100% on your accommodation, you can do it in less than 5,000 Rupees.

I did spiti valley on my 5 years old Pulsar 200. It offered me a mileage of 20-30 kms a litre and ended up being a perfect, reliable friend, during the entire journey. I had it a little modified though, to fit on its both sides a good quality Ladakh Carrier, and she was good to go. However if you run a proud Bullet 500 Classic, with a pair of superheavy alloy wheels, you might have to pay a little more than 5 thousand, for the entire trip.

Things To Keep In Mindhotel kaza

Spiti is accessible by road from two sides – from Manali, and from Shimla. I did it from Shimla, towards Kaza, before finally hitting Manali. And I would advise you too, to start go from Shimla to Kaza to Manali – for three reasons. One, this saves you from getting into the hassle of obtaining a permit to cross Rohtang Pass, which you only need if you initiate the journey from Manali. Two, you save a few hundred Rupees, in the process. And three, when you want the trip to be cheaper, every little helps.

How I Drove In Less Than 5KRekong Peo

Starting from New Delhi, the journey took me a total of 9 Days and around 1100 Kilometers – to go all the way to Spiti, and then finally to Manali. 1100 kilometers took a good portion from the budget – some 2300 Rupees. Apart from the fuel cost, accommodation costs a fortune. I saved 100 percent on my accommodation by camping throughout the tour [I’ve already covered ideal camping places on Tribal circuit and about their permissions, in another blog post].

So, the total cost minus the fuel and stay left me with 2,700 Rupees – which had to be spent only on food. And 2,700 (for 9 days, which brings per day cost to about 300 Rupees) is a decent amount of money for food in these parts of Himalayas.

You can further bring the cost down, by traveling with a friend and splitting the fuel cost into two halves. But as you’re already doing it for so cheap, why bother inviting unsolicited implications and kill the adventure of traveling solo?

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  1. Sanjay Desai says

    Hello Dev! I am stuck with a peculiar problem. I can manage to get out on a longish detour only during the Diwali vacations – I am a Prof in a Uni. The number of days -net- that I always have is 10. Although I have trekked a lot – most recent, Rupin Pass, my wife is not much of a tent camp in the cold sort. Is there an economical way of doing the Shimla – Kaza – Shimla route? No harm in checking options at this time though.

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