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A Photo Journey Through Spiti Valley: Amongst World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

Isolated and wild from inside out, as it appears – the journey to Spiti Valley will take you to the roads less travelled, literally! It is “The Middle Land” between India and Tibet, and much of it is either inhospitable or unexplored. Life here is tough and a little less ordinary, perhaps that’s why every moment spent here has its own significance.

Here, a photo journey to Spiti Valley:

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river mountainsA cold desert, a raging river, few rugged and narrow roads, and many uninviting trekking routes – no wonder Spiti Valley has no charm for a weakling.


chandratalIt is said that the journey is more exciting than the destination itself. And when you’re in Spiti Valley, you understand that well. Driving for long hours of a day, counting each mile is no less than a thrilling experience. It is something that every adventurer dreams of.



The Majestic Key Monastery with a vainglorious mountain range trying to address its authority. Come to this barren land and you’d find nature ruling over every bit of a man’s life.


snow mountainsDespite feeling succumbed to Spiti Valley’s beauty – you find yourself taking chances, and baby steps, exploring every possible bit of it. No wonder it’s a valley that allures.


prayer flagsFrom barren and waste mountains to blue and proud lakes, Spiti valley is nature’s abode – giving adventure junkies a completely different playground than what the entire world has to offer.


monkSpiti is steeped in spirituality. It is everywhere. In the prayer flags furiously fluttering in the breeze, in all its temperamental villages that need constant appeasing, and in the wrinkles of old monks chanting as they go about their day.



The Grandeur of the mountains blocking every sight, or perhaps giving it a new dimension, a perspective, to look at the beauty of this world.


mountainsUnder the ruling authority of wild Spiti, everything loses its prominence. Here, no civilization is powerful. Here, no man has a might. Here globalization can never have its effect.


himalayas paintingYet I knew that walking under the shining light and being influenced with a kind of life, and the people living it, that has long escaped from people living in cities, was, in fact, better.


mud house

Here neighbours matter. And so does the shining sun. The beauty of the world around you plays its part. As you play yours…


experiencing it!

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  1. Sumita says

    Amazing experience. How do you manage battery charging. You had carried solar charger?

  2. Aditya Krishnan says

    Hey my family and I (4) are heading to spiti in the last week of oct via a sedan (skoda rapid petrol), please gimme suggestions and a intenarary for the same also the places not to miss where to stay for stargazing, what to pack, stay etc.

    • Hi Aditya, you can find more about all the places where I stayed in this story:

      I started from Shimla, not sure what you’ve in mind. There are two routes, one from Shimla, one from Manali. I’d say do not miss Chandratal (though for a Skoda, the route to Chandratal is pretty bad). And if you’ve a little extra time, and are heading from Shimla, go little off the route to the town of Chitkul. Have a good time!

  3. Tara says

    Bful pics!!!! Refrshing !!!Though I hvnt been to much places . But yes whtevr I hav seen or whreve I hv been… This SPITI wll always remian my fav!!! Awsm place!!!!!!

  4. Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching says

    What awesome photos. the terrain is extraordinary and the colours are just magnificent. Wow, incredible!

    • Spiti Valley is one of the most beautiful places to travel in Himalayas and every season gives you a different natural experience.

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