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Buying A Snowboard In India & Becoming A Pro In Under 30,000 Rupees

Want to learn snowboarding in India? I suggest you buy a snowboard in India and learn it yourself. Find out snowboard prices in India, where you can learn it on your own and other tips. This blog is based on my personal experiences. So, let’s get started.

But before I go ahead, let me also announce that I have now started organising snowboarding and skiing courses (in Manali). We organise these courses under our company name FOOTLOOSE CAMPS. We organise 5 and 7-day snowboarding lessons. Visit the website to know more and read all inclusions.

Ever since I visited Sethan last year, for learning snowboarding in India, I’ve been hooked on the sport. I was, in fact, so hooked that I was watching tutorials on YouTube on what to do and what not. From how to correctly stand on a snowboard to how to wax it — I’ve seen them all.

One year later, I didn’t know back then, I would be snowboarding myself. See YouTube video by clicking here. I now also organise skiing and snowboarding courses, at my own backpacker hostel FOOTLOOSE CAMPS in Manali. Check Basic and Advanced courses here:

I got hooked on the sport two years ago though when I visited Gulmarg (one of the popular tourist destinations in India) and saw some people doing it. Looking at them, one thing was clear: I was going to buy a snowboard in India, next year, learn it on my own, and become a pro. So I planned a visit to Manali – one of the top places to visit near Delhi – and learned a bit about it.

So let’s discuss how I did it…

Snowboarding In India

snowboarding in india

To cut things short, let me tell you… to buy a snowboard in India, you need to do a little work. It’s a challenge, just like buying other sports equipment. Even the most popular skiing locations in India like Auli and Gulmarg have no stores to buy a snowboard. Though you may easily find one to rent, buying is, unfortunately, pretty impossible. Most online retailers moreover don’t sell one.

When I was planning to buy a snowboard in India, right after I visited Gulmarg, I almost got a sticker shocker after finding that someone in Manali was selling his 4-year-old snowboard for 35,000 Rupees.

“If a used one cost 35k, how much a new one would be” I wondered.

And then Decathlon happened…

Snowboard Price In India

snowboard price in india
No wonder, Decathlon stores have revolutionized the sports and adventure scene in India. Their products, though may not be of top quality, are at least affordable. They have allowed people in India to try different sports, that they once only dreamed of. I’ve seen kids in my neighbourhood, in Delhi, chasing each other on skateboards — something that only felt like a foresighted dream.

So when renting a snowboard in Manali and other places and buying one seemed unreal to me, Decathlon’s Wed’ze came as a messiah in my life.

At only 9000 Rupees Decathlon was selling a brand-new snowboard. The binding cost 4000 and the snowboard boots — another 5000. With a helmet costing 1800 Rupees, I was ready with all the necessary safety snowboarding equipment for under 20,000 Rupees.

[Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for writing a review for Decathlon, which may otherwise feel after reading this article. All recommendations and experiences are solely personal]

Update 2023: Decathlon discontinued selling them in 2023.
If you want to learn snowboarding now, you need to hire the equipment. Some online retailers are selling the equipment online but I barely trust them. Having said that, hiring equipment and learning is the easy way to do it.

Snowboarding In India: Where To Learn

learning snowboarding in india

Learning snowboarding in India isn’t tough at all and requires only a few hours of coaching. Once you know the basics (that you can learn by watching YouTube videos too) all you need is practice and gain self-confidence. Though a proper certification will, of course, help you in the long run as you can then take part in skiing or snowboarding competitions and even teach it, for fun runs, you don’t need certification at all.

When I initially bought my snowboard, I decided to learn snowboarding in Gulmarg — for Gulmarg is believed to have some of the best ski slopes in India. However given the high accommodation prices during winter in Gulmarg and the expensive chairlift, I gave up the idea.

According to my calculation, I was going to bleed nearly 20,000 Rupees in about 10 days for staying and using the chairlift in Gulmarg, on top of an additional 5k for the airfare. When all that seemed a bit too much for me as a beginner, I decided to visit Sethan, for I knew it wasn’t a popular snowboarding destination, unlike Gulmarg, and staying there wouldn’t be expensive.

Popular for backcountry snowboarding in India, Sethan offers budget accommodation options, costing less than 1000 Rupees a day (including all meals) if you are staying for a longer time — say a week or 10 days. I stayed in Sethan for over 10 days and ended up spending about, in addition to 3000 Rupees for transportation to and from Delhi.

So after more than 10 days in Sethan, and qualifying myself from a no-snowboarder to a beginner-level snowboarder, I spent a total of 20,000 + 9,000 < 30,000 Rupees. With under 30,000 Rupees, I learned snowboarding in India and ended up having my own equipment. Pretty sweet, eh?

But you can learn snowboarding in less than 10 days, and not require buying the equipment. I suggest you rent the board, try the sport, and learn it, and if you enjoy it a lot think about buying a board.

Anyway, you can try snowboarding for 3400 per day, including the equipment and instructor fee. Check the website: FOOTLOOSE CAMPS.

We also organise 5-day, 7-day and 9-day all-inclusive snowboarding and skiing courses. Check our website footloosecamps dot com for more information. We have two locations around Manali – Sethan and Solang Valley.

Two of the key differences between learning skiing in Manali and learning skiing in Sethan are…

  1. Sethan is comparatively less crowded, making it a better place for beginners to learn.
  2. Sethan, however, doesn’t have a ski lift. In Manali, you get a ski lift, making the overall learning process easier and quicker.

Click here to check our Sethan Packages.

Because of the ski lift, it is possible to do an advanced skiing course in Manali. In Sethan, we only have a basic course available.

There are two different packages available for learning snowboarding or skiing in Manali: a basic ski/snowboarding course, and an advanced ski/snowboarding course.

  • Basic Course (5 Days): If you are a beginner and would love to understand the first steps required in the activity, you can select the basic snowboarding course where you will be introduced to all the equipment and the less challenging paths.
  • Advanced Course (9 Days): If you would like to experiment with the trickier sessions of snowboarding and skiing, then there is the advanced snowboarding course for 9 days which will take you to much higher altitudes and multiple challenges.

Both our packages are full-board plans, meaning you will be provided with food, accommodation, transportation and all snowboarding equipment.

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  1. Thanks a lot Mr. Dev for the post.
    Im Shaji from Kerala, doing inline skating, ice skating, wave boarding(Oxelo board)….. Mad of snowboarding in mind now, nobody in Delhi to help you are still in delhi, practicing snowboarding? any chance to join with you? Planning to buy gears.
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  3. Akaldeep Singh

    Hello brother.
    Have some queries..
    Indian institute of skiing and mountaineering offers 14 day course of snowboarding including gear and accomodation?!
    Is it worth to go for it!
    As if we dont have that 30k right now to get it started maybe some other time in future!
    Due to financial issues we are postponing it from past two years.

    • Yea, it’s a great option. Very much value for money.
      The only problem is… they teach only skiing (no snowboarding) and getting admission there is next to impossible unless you know someone in the management. The limited seats fill faster than one can imagine! Good luck!!

  4. Battulal

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  5. Now this is certainly useful.

  6. Hi Dev You are truely inspiring, love your post..
    Worth reading this post..

  7. Informative post indeed. Surely you enjoyed your fun moments immensely and encouraging others too. Like your spirit.

  8. Which decathlon store did you buy it from Dev? I see all of them have no in-store availability.

    Would be great if I can visit a store, get a feel of it and then buy, rather than ordering one online.

  9. Carrying it from Delhi to Manali was easy? Did you carry it in a volvo or had to courier it sepeately?

    • Yea I carried it in the Volvo, fits perfectly in the overhead luggage compartment. No need to courier it separately. It moreover weighs nothing.

  10. 30k rupees and a couple of weeks, i did not know that this is all you need to learn snowboarding dev. Great article. I would see to it and consider buying one too

    • Such a bargain to learn such a sport, right?
      And glad you found the information useful.

      • alan varghese

        is there any certification/ level for snowboarding at the place where you went ? is it valid internationally ? can i have the name of the resort/ institute you learned snowboarding from ?

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