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Where To Find The Street Art In Perth

No matter where I am, as soon as I hear that there is some street art to discover, there’s no need to tell me twice. I’ve some affection to street art, some personal liking that I make it a priority — and that’s exactly what happened while I was in Perth.

As I arrived in the city and started walking from the Perth central train station to Haus Accommodation — the hostel I was going to stay in — located just a few streets down the road from the train station, I came across some random but startling street art murals. A bit of enquiring with the hostel staff, and I found that Perth, just like a few other towns around the world, may just be a graffiti art lovers’ heaven.

During the past decade, Perth has rapidly transformed itself into a modern-day artist’s playground, with its urban tapestry of street art adding new shades to its culture, and taking over the city, almost beautifully. From skyscrapers to laneways and everything in between, street art is revitalizing Perth’s public spaces and fabricating its social scene. And to honestly tell you, the many graffiti dominated streets, located around the city-center in Perth, can just be one of the highlights for a tourist to uncover. Though it may still take a few good years for Perth to challenge the likes of Ljubljana’s Metelkova Graffiti Area or Street Art In Penang, in Malaysia, or the street art around the Melbourne Laneways, the fact that the booming street art scene in Perth is still transforming its bleak walls and sculpting them into a cultural oasis, cannot be disregarded.

Starting Off With Nick’s Lane In Northbridge

I found that no area is undergoing a change more dramatic than Perth’s largest entertainment precinct, Northbridge. Shifting from its former reputation as an infamous hot spot for night-time activity, Northbridge is now a beating soul of Perth’s community and nightlife events. Just walk across its many intermingled streets and you will find impressive street art almost everywhere.

Many cafes and bars have subtly transformed themselves too, including my hostel, that provides colorful artworks pretty much on its every wall. But to find an overload of street art, head straight to Nick’s Lane, which is a long stretch of colorful buildings painted in red and blue and green, and an overload of beautiful graffiti being done on them.

Prince Lane & The Highlighted Wolf Lane Carpark

A small but interesting thoroughfare to start with, as you slowly move towards the city center, is Prince Lane, that provides creative art murals in the form of a weaved montage. Though its shabby appearance may look a bit scary and dangerous to walk at night, during the daytime, you will find Prince Lane no less vibrant and colorful.

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At Prince Lane, the many colored garbage bins and the neglected red-bricked buildings complement the graffiti. A small 100 meter stretch of a laneway, Prince Lane quickly sets you in the mood to explore more of what Perth has to offer.

Moving further, Wolf Lane and its car park, which apparently is located just across the street, is perhaps the highlighted and most talked about graffiti areas in Perth. Sandwiched between Perth’s high-end fashion strip King Street and independent retail stores, Wolf Lane offers the beauty of a different kind.

Its many quirky small bars and daytime cafés, surrounded by huge murals and charismatic small-scale art displays moreover allow you gulping down a pint of beer while taking in the walls that pioneered the creative movement in Perth. To suggest a couple, however, visit the much-loved bars of Cheeky Sparrow, or the cozy Wolf Lane Bar.

So, all in all, Perth offers more than just a stretch of beautiful beaches, a glittering skyline, a few highlighted suburbs like Fremantle, and the touristic vineyards of Swan Valley. A part of it is also artistically beguiling, if only you’re ready to experiment and explore!

Where To Stay In Perth?

Perth does not have any shortage of accommodation. If you’re looking for something on a decent side of the budget, I can suggest Pan Pacific Perth, as recommended by a few other people in the city. As a solo traveller, I, however, opted for a 6-bed dormitory in Haus Accommodation and totally loved it. The hostel was clean and exceptionally quiet, despite its central location. If you’re staying in Perth for only a few days and don’t want to spend all your money on accommodation, don’t think twice, the hotel’s close proximity to central train and bus station in Perth will moreover only make you love your decision.

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