5 Bucket-List Worthy Things to Do in Venice

Although Italy is loaded with must-visit travel destinations, including the ancient town of Rome and the many islands, the city of Venice is truly magnificent. It has been praised throughout history and still remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With palaces, churches, and more all constructed on a lagoon, the city appears to be floating and is unlike any other city on the continent. These are a few reasons why you’ll want to add Venice to your destination list.

These are a few reasons why you’ll want to add Venice to your destination list.

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Secluded Islands of Venice

Many travelers know that Venice is surrounded by islands, but they don’t know that there are 118 small islands linked by roughly 400 bridges. You can easily see many of them by using the water-bus service run by the city. This is a great way to step off the beaten path and enjoy authentic city life that’s not been altered much by tourism.

You’ll probably want to visit several spots on your trip, but make sure to stop by Torcello, a small island that dates back to the days before Venice. When the weather is warm, stop by Mazzorbo. This island is covered in vineyards and artichoke fields, so it’s a great spot to visit for a fresh, local meal with unbeatable scenery. Finally, watch a sunset on San Giorgio Maggiore to round out your complete day in the islands.

Food Scene In Venice

All of Italy boasts amazing cuisine and you’ll want to be sure to stop by some of the top spots in the city of Venice. One of the best ways to enjoy what the area has to offer is by taking one of the Venice tours that incorporate food. Check out Venice’s favorite food tour, Ten Tastings, to sample a variety of eats from the capital city of the Veneto region.

If you’re simply looking for a place to dine for the evening, visit Bistrot de Venise. This spot is perfect for a romantic meal and has authentic dishes that have been passed down through generations. If you want to try authentic Italian wine, then you’ll want to visit the wine bar Cantine del Vino già Schiavi. The expert staff can help you find the perfect glass.

Movie Sets In Venice

While you’re touring the city, you may notice that many of the spots have been featured in popular movies. Several James Bond films have been filmed partially in Venice. The final scene of one of the latest films, Casino Royale, was filmed in Venice, which made the perfect backdrop for the tragic epilogue. These films aren’t the only ones that were featured in the film.

One of the best times you’ll have in Venice is simply wandering through the city and its canals. As you tour the area, you may even recognize some of the architecture from your favorite Hollywood flicks.

Local Artisans In Venice

There are many things that Venice does well and the art scene is one of them. It’s always bustling. One of the best crafts to experience is the making of Venetian glass. The artists’ work is world-renowned for being elaborate and skillfully crafted. The glass is made in Venice, mostly on the island of Murano. You can easily travel to this island and watch the glass being made right before your eyes.

When you take a trip to Murano, stop by the glass factories and sign up for a tour so you’ll get to see the artists in action. You can also stop by Venini Glass, an authentic store and museum that is located next to St. Mark’s Square. Here, you can purchase a piece for a souvenir or simply enjoy seeing the unique pieces that are made here.

Venice Carnival

If you’ve ever heard anything about Venice, then you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with the Carnevale di Venezia. This yearly event isn’t just one single activity, but it includes a variety of entertainment options for visitors to enjoy, including amazing costumes, rowing races, parades, and more. Even if you’ve been to Venice during the event in the past, it changes each year, so it’s always a new experience.

The theme varies and the date will vary every year as well. The carnival is usually held at the end of February and the beginning of March, so plan your visit based on the details provided on the Carnevale website.  Be sure to book early, because the festival is always packed with visitors from around the globe.

When you’re planning a trip abroad, the town of Venice is not to be missed. The activities listed above are five things I think everyone should experience in Venice, but please include your comments below if there’s an experience you think shouldn’t be missed.

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