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With people reading about my motorbiking journeys and watching videos on my Youtube Channel, I get regular queries on what motorbiking gear do I use.

To answer their questions, I’ve put together this page that talks about all my motorbiking gear. This page will give you a brief idea about what I carry when I am riding and why I recommend a similar product.

Please note that some of my riding gear may seem expensive and you can certainly buy a cheaper alternative, but the quality these products offer will make it up to the price tag.

Attractive, handy, professional and long-lasting, the products mentioned below fit all the descriptions. There’s certainly a low-cost alternative to some of the products, but if you want best in its class, look no further. This motorbiking gear will make your journeys comfortable, and more fun!


Steelbird SBA-1 (Price: 2,500): When you’re riding for long hours, you need to stay connected with the the world. And to do that having a handsfree functionality in your helmet is a must. This is where bluetooth helmets come into picture. The only problem is, Bluetooth helmets cost a fortune, requires charging your Bluetooth device and drains out your phone’s battery. So what’s the solution?… Steelbird SBA-1 Helmet.

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Steelbird SBA-1 comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone that connects with your phone using an auxiliary cable. The auxiliary cable plugs-in on the outside of the helmet (with a tiny button to pick and drop a call or play music).

Speaking of the sound quality and the material of the helmet, be rest assured that both are upto the mark and justify Steelbird’s brand name. I’ve personally used the helmet for more than 8 or 9 hours of ride in a day and totally loved the comfort and technology it offers.






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