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Metelkova District: Graffiti Art In The Streets Of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has always been a mystery for its visitors. Not many people travelling here have an idea what to expect, and I was no different. But as I arrived in Ljubljana, I realized that it was a town meant only to be loved. With its rich riverside café culture, and an old world European charm, it turned out to be unlike many other places I visited in Europe.

But while the overwhelming charm and a chilled out vibe of Ljubljana Old Town enchants visitors, there is also an entirely different side to this fascinating city, which sometimes doesn’t. And you explore it as soon as you walk past the old historic heart, and enter into a shabby area of Metelkova, but of course, with a difference.

Where graffiti, in many places, is considered, and even appear to be, a symbol of vandalism, in Ljubljana’s graffiti area the case was rather the contrary. Here it looked more like an art form. At Metelkova City artistic space, Ljubljana’s own graffiti area, several weird and wonderful buildings, stand still, almost harmoniously, for you to marvel at, for hours.

But there’s more to Metelkova City than its strange graffiti. I was told by a local guide that in reality, Metelkova City artistic space is a non-residential squat for artists and activists. What’s interesting is that it moreover has no legal status, which means people here don’t pay taxes and sell alcohol without a licence.

This autonomous ‘city within a city’ which now houses artists studios, galleries and bars, once included buildings that were barracks of the Yugoslavian army.

Are You Planning A Stay In Ljubljana?

I can recommend Vila Veselova Hostel, which is a traditional villa designed over 100 years ago by the architect Ciril Metod Koch. Located right next to the heart of the city, the hostel, with its architecture and hospitality, represented the soul of Ljubljana — modern and traditional, at same time.

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