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In Photos: Discovering Fort Kochi By Foot

Every place has its own defining attraction. And when it comes to Kochi, the cultural capital of Kerala, the Jew Town and the Chinese fishing nets make the headlines of most of the travel guidebooks. But there is much more to see and a plenty more to do in Kochi, and the best way to submerge in its romantically artistic and historic outlook, is by travelling on foot.

Ideally, Kochi has two parts, the new Kochi (South Ernakulum) and the old harbour part (popularly known as Fort Kochi). Fort Kochi can easily be the most non-Keralite city. It does not give you the Kerala we picture in our mind. It does not have the relaxing houseboats, nor does it have the expected views of street-lined coconut trees. Expect something more refreshing when you’re here. From the smell of spices in its bylanes to some of the most colourful architecture in India – Fort Kochi has its own charm, and remains a preferred destination for tourists, over the new Kochi.chinese fishing nets


kochi persian market


kerala kochi

Its narrow and confined streets seem struggling in beautifully and badly restored colonial houses and ugly, modern ones – with some of the buildings like the Paradesi Synagogue having its foundations marked in the late 16th century.

kochi building

jew town house


Kerala god's own country

Almost every other wall in Kochi has been painted in radiant colours, with impressive graffiti being done on them, something that perfectly admires Fort Kochi’s colourful life.


fort kochi art

building graffiti

kochi buildings

yellow building

The Jew Town Road, one of the most popular hangout sites in Fort Kochi, has some of the most high-end handicraft products you can find in India. From over 1 meter high model camel (available at a price tag of 10Lakh Rupees) to the many tiniest items carved out of rosewood – this place is definitely in no shortage of mementos and gift items.

jew town




handicraft jew market

goat head

Here you don’t find cows or dogs making the most of stray animals. Here, the confused goats rule the streets.


And not to forget, wherever you travel, it’s always the people you meet who make your holiday special. Forget the museums. Forget the food. None of those is a real highlight of your travel experience, it’s always the people. And it seems people in Kochi (and in the entire Kerala for that matter) understand that well. Their friendly, affable attitude towards the tourists makes Kochi a beautiful place. Here’s to some of the smiling faces I stumbled upon in Fort Kochi…


Kochi people

fort kochi people

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  1. Antonina says

    Loved the photos – very picturesque and interesting. Hope to get to fort Kochi one day and have a similar photo session 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to go to India and your post has reassured me! Awesome pictures and great writing. It is definitely the people that make the journey 🙂

    • Thanks Shannon, glad you like it. And yea, Kochi is just too beautiful. You should totally go there sometime.

  3. tmc saunders says

    I’ve always wanted to visit India … This only added to my desire!

  4. GOBeyondBounds says

    Nice pictures and a great writeup. Hope we make it to visit Kochi soon!

  5. GOBeyondBounds says

    Nice pictures and great writeup. Hope we can make it to Kochi soon!

  6. Kimberly says

    Your writing is amazing, accompanied with the pictures I could really get into where your describing. I love the graffiti its amazing, and so detailed.

  7. Pranshu says

    I completely agree that it is the people you meet that makes your journey a memorable one. I mean, pictures and events are there but meeting great people gives you a reassuring feeling so that you may not feel out of place if you plan to visit the place again.
    Nonetheless, Fort of Kochi is a very popular place in India and your description is truly delightful. Thanks for sharing such great article.

    • prem says

      Who says ?
      But in our culture from the ancient times it was a woman’s lot. Not because our forefathers were egoist male but they thought that only a woman has the sestivity to raise the children properly as you very well know that they are the future society.
      In a Hindu society woman is always respected, and in kerla woman is head of a family.

      If a man does some household chores, does it mean that in that perticular family woman is respectecd ?

  8. Nina Alexander says

    I have never been to India, but lately lost of bloggers were posting pictures from Kerala which look nothing like what India is in my mind. Thank you, for sharing the photos of the real thing and it’s raw, unpolished beauty!

    • Yes Nina, Fort Kochi gives you a complete different experience altogether. Glad you like the pictures.

  9. Great pictures, great detail. I totally agree the people you meet make your travel awesome. Loved this!

  10. sabrina barbante says

    Great shots! They can illustrate very well the place, seems like I’m there wolking down that exotic streets. And they are also very human, nothing like the touristic guides. Very good job!

  11. Celeste Sundragonlady Choi says

    Great photo captures. You were able to capture the personality of Fort Kochi. Thanks a ton for sharing your experience 😉

  12. Corinna says

    Excellent photos of the streets and street life! I can tell you enjoyed your trip.

    • I very much did. Spent a few days in the city and every day brought something new to experience. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Florence says

    I didn’t have the chance to go to the state of Kerala, but wow your pictures are amazing!
    India is such a diverse country 🙂
    I did write a lot about it!

  14. Candace Wells says

    These are some great photos! You are very talented. Keep up the good work.

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