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Australian Tourist Visa Process For Indians

After dealing with a long list of documents, a tiring visa application and high-rejection chances, three months ago, while applying for a Schengen visa for Europe, when it came to planning a tourist visa for Australia, things felt pretty easier and uncomplicated. And that was not just me. A few other people, I spoke with, to get an idea about their experience, moreover gave an impression that Australia has always been humble with its visa process, even for Indians.

Though of course, if you compare a Thai or a Malaysian visa process for tourists, Australia still demands a better planning and a little more paperwork.

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What Documents You Need For Australian Visa

Australian embassy, on its website, has mentioned that it discourages any prepaid hotel booking and reserved flight tickets, before the issuance of your visa. It moreover doesn’t want any health insurance, like US and Schengen European countries do. You can check the list of documents you need to provide by clicking here.

However, the documents you may need, based on my practical knowledge — the ones I provided, include: a cover letter mentioning my intention to travel Australia and a rough travel itinerary I had in mind, a flight PNR number which I booked (at no cost) using MakeMyTrip, sufficient travel funds, proof of my occupation as a travel blogger.

The First Step

Download the Application Form clicking this link. If you’re applying it the traditional way, by visiting VFS centre click the third option Visitor Visa (Subclass 600). Completing the application form takes less than 15 minutes, and if you’ve any doubts, they can be cleared at VFS visa center while submitting the application form. You can even pay 1000 Rupees to VFS and they will fill it for you.

Please note that Australian visa process is entirely electronic, and you even get a soft copy of your sanctioned visa, it doesn’t get stamped in your passport. You can also use an eVisitor option and (subclass 651) at no extra cost and courier your documents.

Submitting The Application. And Post Submission

Since I submitted the visa application by personally visiting the VFS center, I can assure that it was an easy process. Unlike a Schengen visa, here you do not need to book an appointment with the VFS. Just hop in, finish the process — which takes less than 30 minutes to payment (as you’re not required any biometrics) — and wait for an email as a Yes or No to your application.

Please note that Australian embassy does not stamp their visa in your passport, you come to know about their decision in an email. You print out the confirmed email and carry it along with you while travelling to Australia.

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