Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Par

Hiking In The Darss Forest Of Pomerania Boddenlandschaft National Park

Visiting Pomerania Boddenlandschaft National Park and planning to hike in the Darss Forest? Read this travel blog and plan your trip better…

The forest was so eerily silent that I could only hear the periodic rustle of the needle grass under my feet. As we hit the first viewing point, the white and colorless birch tree at a distance held my gaze for a while, before the sun’s golden rays shone it, and turned everything around it, into a glittering yellow.

The Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park is the largest nature reserve on the Baltic coast. A landscape of cliffs, dunes, and lagoons stretching from the Darss-Zingst peninsula up towards the west coast of Rügen, the national park offers a perfect destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts interested in exploring some of the best beaches and wetlands that Germany has to offer.

To get to the starting point of the hike, you’re required to reach the town of Prerow, Born, Wieck or Ahreenshoop.

Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park

We, however, started from Prerow. After quickly making our way to the town of Prerow, during the early morning hours on a wet Friday morning, we took a toy train (otherwise known as the beach train) that takes you further to the starting point of the hike. Alternatively, you can walk the 2 km distance on foot, from the nearest parking space in Prerow.

trekking Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park

As our guide Ms Bärwald finished with her quick briefing about the national park, near the welcome signboard in the Darss Forest, we made our way to the first hiking trail. There are a total of 36 well-marked trails in Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park that take you to different points of interest and help explore this unspoiled bit of nature whilst breathing in both sea and forest air, and observing numerous species in their natural habitat at the same time. The entire labyrinth of 36 trails moreover covers a distance of nearly 50km running through the 4,700-hectare of forest area.

Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park trek

Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park trekking

A couple of recommended vantage points, if you’re short on time, however, are Pramort and Hohe Düne which are perfect to spot some rare wildlife such as red deer and wild boar. It’s interesting to note that the Western-Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park has its own international importance. Every autumn, around 30,000 cranes migrate here, creating an unforgettable spectacle for holidaymakers.

There is also a wealth of flora and fauna to be explored in the region. But with the ever-changing geographical conditions and germination and withdrawal of various species, the dominating species that make up most of the Pomeranian National Park today include beech, oak and birch trees.

Darss Forest germany

Darss Forest hike

We covered a couple of walking trails and a few vantage points before making it to the highlight, a popular access route of Darsser Ort, not far from the lighthouse. It is interesting to visit the 150-year-old lighthouse that, from a height of 35m, gives panoramic views of the national park on one side and the majestic Baltic Sea, on the other.

Darsser Ort

Darsser Ort natural region

The vicinity also has been a natural history museum since 1991 that houses exhibitions on the Darsser Ort natural region. An in-house aquarium moreover familiarizes you well with the wetland ecosystem that Darss Forest is known for.

From Darsser Ort, since it has a parking space, a comparatively broader offroading trail gives an option of experiencing a Horse-drawn carriage back to the town of Prerow — exactly what we ended up doing, giving our perfect half-day hike and absolutely perfect end.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post during my blog trip with Germany Tourism. Though my trip was hosted, all suggestions and endorsements are solely personal. I only recommend what I personally like, and experience. 

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  1. Nigel William

    Hi, Dev! This is an amazing article! I love how you provided a lot of details, makes one motivated to go on this hike. I was wondering, in your opinion, what is the best time of year to go on this trail?

  2. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I would have loved to explore that park with my family. I have never done some hiking witth hem recently.

  3. What a beautiful park. Our daughter loves to visit and explore national parks. We wish we had more close to us to visit.

  4. Sue Reddel

    I love visiting Germany but have never been to Darss Forest. It sounds like a wonderful day trip of hiking and enjoying being out in nature. It would be wonderful to be there when the 30,000 cranes come through.

    • I coulnd’t agree more. Would definitely make a memory of a lifetime watching cranes all over the place creating a sensation movement.

  5. Michelle Cantu

    I love your storytelling, this is a side of Germany I didn’t realize existed. Your photos are gorgeous as well. I’d love to visit.

    • Thanks Michelle. Baltic coastline of Germany is unlike any other place. Was so different from Southern or Western Germany. This part of Germany was more chilled out and had an old town charm.

  6. Melissa Dixon

    I wish we had some pretty sights to see around here for a nice hike. It has been a while since we went on an exotic hike with exciting things in the view. I need to convince my family to go for a trip in order to enjoy this again. I love the look of that lighthouse!

  7. This looks like such a fun activity. I would love to take the family on a hiking adventure this weekend. CAn you please tell me how can we reach there from Berlin?

    • Hi Jenn, we didn’t travel from Berlin. But if you’ll check GoEuro, you can find trains and buses to Prerow, from Berlin.

  8. This sounds like such a wonderful place to visit! I can only imagine how much fun you had. Your pictures are incredible, wow! Sometimes tour guides are definitely the way to go!

  9. I have family that lives in Germany. Such a beautiful country to visit.

  10. Claudia Krusch

    I love to go hiking. The Pomeranian Boddenlandschaft National Park would be an amazing place to explore. Hiking is such a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

  11. I love exploring the world. Hiking is one of the best ways to do that. This place looks absolutely beautiful and I would love to explore it. I hope at some point I can.

  12. Dina Demarest

    HIking is a very relaxing and exciting experience at the same time! I remember exploring a very similar place in US a few years ago.

  13. I went hiking for the first time 2 weeks ago in the Pocono Mountains. I would love to explore the Darss Forest. Looks like an amazing adventure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Pocono Mountains, yea I’ve heard of it. It’s in Pennsylvania somewhere right? Met a traveller in India last year who kept talking about the place. Must be really beautiful.

  14. Nadalie Bardowell

    Such a great place to journey and discover. Tour guides in really large places, especially national parks really come in handy, you can really learn a lot from them and the land. I’ve been venturing in National and Provincial Parks across Canada and it’s so hard to choose a favorite.
    Your pictures are done really well, you definitely captured some great experiences.

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