Learn The Business Of Travel Blogging


I remember when I’d initially started travel blogging on FootlooseDev (earlier in January 2016) I was confused. I was struggling with different ideas, and was working hard to my travel dreams possible. But the traffic on my blog didn’t seem to budge. My stories were out there but few were reading it. I was having a hard time making money, or scoring any free trips, as other travel bloggers, out there, often did.

I bet you must be struggling with these feelings and thoughts too. When you think about all the work you have to do to start and then grow your blog, it can feel overwhelming. And even if you are an established blogger, I bet you always feel like you’re stuck in a pothole and there seems to be no way out.

Every week a number of people write to me asking “Hey Dev, I love traveling. I also want to start a travel blog like you do, and make a living out of it. Can you please help me with with from where to start?”

SO FAR I DID NOT KNOW THE ANSWER. But last month, between November and December 2016, something amazing happened. I managed to partner with 5 different brands altogether who offered me over INR 100,000 worth of itineraries. This included Scuba Diving in Goa, exploring Coffee Plantation in Coorg, and much more. And what’s amazing was I even happened to work with a Tourism Board. And this did not happen out of sheer luck. I worked hard for it. I clubbed a few ideas, pitched a few companies, and it worked just right!

Calculating the prospects, and looking at the position where FootlooseDev stands now, I can say that I’ve learned a few useful and successful ideas about blogging in the past one year. And there is much more to it than what I’ve shared here.

So if you’re looking to get into blogging — or are an existing blogger looking to see large growth on your site —  signup for my Blogging Tips below, and I’ll share with you everything that I’ve learned during the stint.

For a tip: This Game Is More Than Just Getting Impressive Traffic Or Writing Great Content. You Must Know How To Pitch The Sponsors The Right Way!

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