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How Blogging Helped Me Travel In Europe For 2 Months, In Less Than 70k Rupees

After returning home from my two-month long backpacking trip across Europe, one question I was particularly asked, was how did I afford to travel in Europe for so long. People around me wanted to know how did I afford travelling for so long in a continent so expensive, despite having no job for the past few years.

Those who knew me personally and had a little idea about how I make money travel blogging still thought that my dad or someone else in the family supported me financially. A few high-school buddies even mocked, stating that I might be into smuggling drugs or busy working illegal ideas, after repeating, yet once again, the usual family sponsorship gamut.

And when I spoke in defence and confessed of my innocence, declaring “it’s my blog that supported… and that’s how I travelled Europe for so long without spending much” they called me a Dishonest Don. “We all know your stories fucker, now tell us how did you do it,” one of my friends snapped.

How Blogging Is Contributing Since Day One

Blogging had been kindest of all the things, experiences, people, or events I’ve met so far since travelling — at least if financially speaking. The first six months of my blogging stint did not give me much but only a few free trip. I was so new to blogging that I knew no one would pay me to travel, and if a company was giving me a free trip it was my best deal. With time and increasing readership, more free trips followed.

I’ve now even started making a little money from my blog. But that does not include one thing, but a mix of many. I think because every blogger starts with limited resources and many challenges — with the biggest of all being gaining popularity and making money during the process. It’s important to find a mix of revenue models, eg I use Adsense, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and a few other things… and I get to do it all because I have a blog!

Moreover, I’d like to tell that I’ve been blogging for 1 and a half year, but I’ve been travelling full-time for much longer. After I quit my job to travel, I travelled without blogging for almost a year. Blogging came much later, as a way to sustain my travel needs. Slowly blogging took over, offering me monetary help and better ways to travel.

So to summon up the answer, I’d say… I’ve been able to travel the world uninterruptedly, over the past two and a half years, without any steady source of income, because one, I’ve been blogging and blogging has made me a little money to travel; and two, because I have always budget travelled.

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How Did I Travel Europe 2 Months In Less Than 70k

In reality, if I were to pay for all the experiences I savoured during these two months, hotels I stayed, and transportation I took, I would have ended up paying somewhere between 10 or 12 times of that money. But thanks to the blog, I was fully sponsored, or partially supported, by travel boards and independent tour companies in more than 6 countries. This allowed me to travel places without having to spend too much.

I partook in day tours, travelled one country to another and explored cities without having to pay anything. But one thing that really helped bring the cost of my travel down is spending absolutely no money on accommodation. You heard that right! In 5 cities including two in Germany (Stuttgart and Frankfurt), one in Slovakia (Bratislava), and one in Switzerland (Basle) and one in Hungary (Budapest) my entire stay, between accommodation to transportation to free tickets to events were sponsored by their tourism board. For other places I travelled to, I partnered with a hotel or a hostel. [Read: How To Find Sponsors For Your Next Europe Trip Europe, If You Run A Travel Blog]

Though of course in return I was reviewing their property or providing them pictures of their property/services etc, and promoting on my social media channels, it was something I was anyway doing, as a blogger.

And to keep a balance between work and play, I planned two hospitality network jobs, once in Germany and once in Italy (using Where on one side it kept travel-for-work and travel-for-life in equal proportion, it also saved money on the other. [Read: Hospitality Networks That Let You Travel The World For Free]

So if I classify the costs. It will look somewhat like this, for two months in Europe (all costs in INR)…

Accommodation: NIL | Food: 20 to 30k | Transportation inside Europe: 5 to 10k | Miscellaneous: 10 to 15k | Flight cost: 30k | Visa cost: 7k | Duration: 58 days

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Shortly after my first real nine-to-five job, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in my backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to stay in one place. I believe that with a little courage and inspiration, everyone has the power to follow their dreams. Just as I've followed mine!


  1. Hi Dev. I love to travel to all unknown places and meet the locals. Currently I am doing job but soon I will be Full time traveller. I loved your experience/posts. Reading those, I have got inspiration. I will also explore the for future tour. Recently I have started my travel blog ( Though I want to see the whole world, but i have to keep some pace as I have a 2 years old daughter, as I don’t want to travel without her!! Anyway best of luck for your future tours.

  2. Samarika Issar says

    Gave me a reason to start my blog as soon as possible! Really a helpful post! 🙂

  3. Being a budget traveler made me travel often too (plus blogging, lets be honest). Working odd jobs too helps.

  4. Blogging is really a huge help. I was also able to go to different places without spending much thanks to blogging. I’ll definitely check that hospitality network. First time to hear it and it sounds so intriguing.

  5. There are so many ways to travel on a budget across the globe. It’s great that travelers like you can balance work and play while on your travels. Two months sounds like a period to visit awesome places. My longest travel was only for a month. I hope I could do two months in Europe someday. I’m sure your blog can make a good reference for it!!!

    • Hey Erica, thanks for your comment. I hope you will find a way to travel for longer. Long term and slow travel is the way to do it right 🙂

  6. Cathy says

    Blogging is really helpful, not only writing down our travel experiences but also funding our travels. You are one of the most skilled and lucky people who can make money out of travel blogging. Cheers to that. I would also like to find ways to earn money on posting and blogging while keeping its quality content. Keep it up Dev! I understand your friends who sometimes are skeptics how you funded traveling, somehow, traveling is not for everyone. But regardless of how we do it, just enjoy it! Safe travels! x

  7. Way to make the most of your blogging experience! I agree, people always question how one can travel for so long without a lot of money, but it’s doable! Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  8. That’s so awesome! I recently started my travel blog, so I’m excited to get to where you are someday 🙂 Thanks for the helpful information. I will definitely have to read your other posts.

    • Hey there, glad to know you’ve started blogging too. I know it can be a little frustrating initially, as you’ll have to put too much effort and (often) you don’t get results, but as your blog gains popularity, you’ll start exploring the benefits. I really hope you will make a good sustainable business out of blogging! Godspeed!

  9. Wow..I have already bookmarked your post. I need to go through it over and over again and also other of your posts. I have been traveling (although not full time) and travel blogging for a while now but I am still to learn how to truly make money out of it

  10. I think everybody questions how you do it because they wonder how they could. If everyone could live the dream, they’d all be doing it.

  11. This is so inspiring. 🙂 I often read about bloggers getting sponsored stays and tours, but I didn’t know it would save money that much (reading that you would’ve spent 10-12x as much if you hadn’t had any of these… wow!). I think that’s really helpful since traveling to Europe is really expensive compared to other continents such as Asia.

    • Thanks for stopping by and writing a comment Katherine. Yea, blogging has been a great help lately. I couldn’t imagine travelling so much in life and having such great experience had I have to pay for everything.

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