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To Volunteer And Travel The World has remained one of the best experiences I have ever had.

The first time I volunteered I stayed with a German family in a small Germany town near Koblenz. Not only did it help me experience Germany more closely and understand the local way of life, but I also picked a few horse-riding lessons.

I later volunteered in a small town near Rome where I helped someone maintain their vineyard. In the process, I learned the art of wine-making. Similar experiences followed as I travelled to other countries.

Other than saving a lot of money – as you get to stay and eat for free as you volunteer for someone – you always learn new skills as you volunteer – whether it’s working as an au-pair or something else. No wonder, to Volunteer and travel the world is a great experience to have.

I have also volunteered in Australia once where I figured my love for astrophotography.

Here are a few blogs I have written on the topic with a competitive analysis of different volunteer networks, my experiences as a volunteer and other useful tips on how to travel the world as a volunteer. I hope you will find these blogs useful.