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Travelling India – Where Every Step Is A New Learning

It has been a few years since I’ve been travelling full-time and all this time I’ve come across this question ‘why am I travelling my own country’ when there is so much more to see in the world. “What is the reason behind this abiding fascination,” I remember someone once asking.

I give people different reasons – right from the obvious mentions of India’s cultural diversity to the warmth I get from the people. At times, I also justified the fascination explaining all the beauty we can travelling our own backyard.

When you’re in India, not only you feel more alive, thanks to the country’s colourful diversification but you also learn a lot – about yourself, and about the world around you. Not to mention all the ways it familiarises you with the many imperative spiritual truths. And speaking of the truths, here are some…

Important Life-Lessons Travelling In India Taught Me

People Are Not Bad, After Allplaying cards

Before I started travelling, and during the days of my bustling life in New Delhi, I often heard people saying that India is turning evil every day. But since I’ve started travelling, I’ve come across uncountable acts of random kindness that have let a glowing footprint in my memory. Beautiful sceneries faded, photos got lost, but I’ve never forgotten the relief brought by many strangers who helped me through my travels – whether it was a small account of feeding me on a long train ride when I forgot to pack my lunch or walking me to the destinations I didn’t know the way for.

Sure there are exceptions, and bad people can be found anywhere but if you put yourself in a vulnerable position and seek help, you’d be amazed to see unusual, powerful accounts of overloaded kindness in India. I think when you travel, you open yourself up in a new way and give people the opportunity to help you, which you otherwise don’t in the day-to-day life in the city.

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions” Peter Hoeg

Though India, throughout the recent years, has gone notoriously famous for ripping people off, particularly when it comes to dealing with people from abroad. But it’s the same people who can also be found helping others if the need be. After all, there is no good or bad, but circumstances make them so.

Money Does Not Buy Happinesskerala man

Every time I find a quick escape from the consumer-oriented materialistic neighbourhoods in New Delhi and lose myself in the simplified beauty of a small Indian town, I realise a simple fact that ‘winning the lottery isn’t a ticket to true happiness, however enticing it might seem’.

Life in small towns in India is streamlined to the very basic necessities where everyone seems content. Unlike in cities, kids in small towns do not have a Disneyland Playground, with a fancy curved metal slide that vomits out excited preschoolers every 20 seconds. All they have is a place where the sky seems to swallow them whole every time they step out the front door – and their smile is thousand times more powerful.

“There are people who have money, and there are people who are rich” Coco Chanel

India teaches us about sharing our things for a greater good and seeing the universe as nothing but our own family. There are more than a few dozen personal accounts when I was invited by families in the Himalayas to spend a few nights at their house without expecting anything in return – and that is the beauty of India. When we learn to share and let go of the need to control we experience a brighter change, in our life, and in the lives of those around us.

Everything Eventually Falls Into Placemajuli island car

If there is one thing that India has constantly reminded me, it is – there’s always a happy ending. And if you’re no happy, it is perhaps not the ending.

When you’re travelling in India, there is no escaping from an amalgamation of bad experiences. crowd, chaos, delays, unhygienic conditions, illness, bewilderment, and confusion – all play their part. But what they teach you is that everything works out in the end. Moreover, the deviations from your plans, which these unfavourable conditions somehow bring, turn out to be far better than anything you would have planned. Letting things happen, instead of trying to control them, is sometimes the best way to move ahead in your life. Don’t worry if you’ve missed your bus or have gotten into a wrong one (which happens quite often in this godly country) because you never know what’s waiting for you on the other side of the road.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey” Babs Hoffman

There’re times when I ended up derailing from my plans, but it is only then when I happened to meet some of the most beautiful people in my life. So don’t let the momentary angst take a toll on you, rather see it as an opportunity towards a greater good.

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After my couple of years of corporate career, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in a backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to spend your life working at one place, and that's what inspires me to remain footloose and fancy-free for the rest of my life!

  1. People are same globally, basically good and mostly good, only a very small percentage we can say otherwise. And some are so sweet and humble, some might not we say are typically good but so different that we can never forget them.
    My India is my India afterall where God descends to play his leela.

  2. Andrew Camila

    It is a very advantageous post for me. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is very supportive and useful post. I would like to visit the post once more its valuable content. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  3. Badly looking forward to have those amazing experiences of traveling in India very soon ! I hope it’ll make me feel enthralled and give goosebumps whenever I’ll cherish these memories! This blog is the actual one I was eagerly waiting to meet !

    • Thanks for your comment Proma. And good luck with your India chapter. I am sure India will give you many (good) surprises.

  4. Anonymous

    Badly looking forward to have those amazing experiences of traveling in India very soon ! I hope it’ll make me feel enthralled and give goosebumps whenever I’ll cherish these memories! This blog is the actual one I was eagerly waiting to meet !

  5. Florence

    What a beautiful post, really! I believe it’s so important to travel and discover its own country, to meet the people who live around us … I’m learning so much also when I’m traveling around Belgium (which is a very small country) and obviously India has so much to teach everyone 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words Florence. I hope you discover great beauties and some hidden truths about your country. Western Europe is a magical world.

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