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Don’t Quit Your Job to Travel: Change the Scenery 

I understand that some time ago, I wrote an article soliciting the idea of quitting your job to travel, but I take back my words.

One thing many people learned during the pandemic is that remote work works. The internet and a raft of sophisticated devices mean you can now work from anywhere. There was no big rush back to the office after governments worldwide lifted restrictions.

If working from one location is dull, why not change the backdrop? Provided you can get connected; you could be free to work from just about anywhere. Forget the coffee shop or the park. Buy a one-way ticket and take your work with you.

Working on the Wild Side

Providing you can connect and get online, portable technology means you could work from some unique and remote locations.

If you are worried about off-grid locations, deploy a portable solar generator that gives you access to power in surroundings where there is no grid provision.

Portable solar generators in the UK are becoming popular for lots of reasons. Essentially, they’re just a large battery for storage and some portable solar panels. You can power your laptop and never be without coffee, regardless of where you are.

Let the Train Take the Strain

Long-distance train travel is becoming the preferred option instead of flying. The scenery is unbeatable – not something you can see from 30,000 feet up – and the pace is leisurely and unhurried.

Working on a train or plane is not news, but why not think outside the box? This mode of travel is not commuting but a friendly and easy way to have constantly changing and often spectacular scenery, depending on your location.

There is something relaxing and rhythmical about the sound of the wheels on the tracks. Don’t forget the comfort; easy access to toilets plus refreshments on tap.

Green Retreats

If time away from home is not an option due to family commitments, why not construct a green retreat outside?

You’ll be surprised at how much a change of scene and a few meters from your home can make all the difference.

Garden offices are infinitely customizable and double up as extra accommodation for teen film nights and even another bedroom for guests. You get to enjoy nature and as much natural light as you want.

The division between home and work is re-established, which can help offset some drawbacks of remote working.

There are many advantages to working from home, but surveys reveal some mental health challenges, such as disconnecting from colleagues and disturbed sleep patterns.

There’re also physical issues like musculoskeletal problems caused by an inappropriate workspace. Balancing your laptop on the sofa or bed can ruin your posture.

Final Thoughts

Covid was a game-changer in the working lives of many people. Hybrid work is here to stay. A certain amount of home or remote working is a feature that allows for a change of scene.

Whether you escape to the garden, pick your favorite coffee shop, or use the backdrop of a train journey, the dull environment of the office is gone for good.


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