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I happened to travel there during a media trip organised by Singapore Airlines to promote their India and Laos business-class.

Since it was an organised media trip I couldn’t backpack on my will and explore the country for more than a week. But from whatever little I have explored, I have come to a comclusion that Laos is a country to not miss during your Southeast Asia trip.

It may sound funny but Laos can actually complete your trip to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia – all in one place. Of course, geographically you will miss those beautiful Thai and Cambodian beaches, when it comes to culture you will find many similarities.

From language (that resembles Thai) to a cultural and historical past (that resembles Cambodia and Vietnam) to amazing food (that, in fact, can be a better concoction of all three) Laos resembles its neighbours and has a lot more to offer than most people think it does.

And then, though it shares much of its history with its neighbours, but also has its own culture that seems more intense and less lost. Its relatively low-key nature makes it a much offbeat destination than any of its neighbour in Southeast Asia.

So, if you’re one of those people who like visiting places whose culture is not washed away by tourists, Laos may just be for you.

Now let’s continue with the following Laos travel blog and see what this beutiful country has to offer. From itineraries to useful travel tips these blogs talk about them all.