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This Italy travel blog is a repository of all the blogs I have written on the destination.

I happened to travel to Italy during my 2-month backpacking trip across Europe.

Though I spent just 2 weeks there and explored only a few destinations around Rome the country became my personal favorite across Europe.

For me, Italy is number one in Europe not because of the food or tourist highlights but the people. I found Italians as some of the most friendly and fun-loving people across Europe. As I always say, they are like Indians with a bigger house and a lot of wine.

During my travel to Italy, I happened to volunteer with a local family near Rome. This helped me understand the Italian way of life (particularly Roman) more closely. For a period of 2 weeks, I helped them in maintaining their wine garden.

As you will see in the following Italy travel blog I have majorly travelled around Rome and Vatican City only. It is there that I am planning to revisit and explore more of what the country has to offer.

I have heard the best of Italy is found in South and the island of Sardinia. So yea, the next trip is going to be the south of Rome and the islands.

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