Money And Travel

Not sure how to save money for travel? Worried about how long your money will last once you leave things behind and start travelling? Need some quick budget travel tips? I’ll help you with everything.

Since the day I’ve started travelling indefinitely, if there’s one thing I’ve mastered it’s… how to save money while travelling, or in other terms how to travel under a budget. Budget travelling did not only help me survive for longer on a very little money (less than 1000 Rupees in Thailand or around 300 Rupees in India), it also gave me amazing experiences. I met some of the most amazing and helpful people (super human beings I’d call them!) as I decided to travel on a low budget and like a local. So if you too are looking for ways to make you money last longer, or are struggling with any issues relating money and travel, start with these self-help articles…

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