Travel Tips

These are some of the most ubiquitous questions that I often come across. ‘How do I fund my travels’, ‘Why do I travel alone’, ‘Why did I quit my job to travel’. I’ve collected bits and pieces from my experiences – and will keep adding more such FAQs – as and when I find time and gain more experience. Until then, here are some, to begin with:

On ‘Solo Travel’

Why Do I Travel Solo 

Should You Travel Solo?


On ‘Money And Travel’

How I Afford My Travels

How To Travel Smarter And Cheaper

How To Save Money For Traveling

Finding Cheap Accommodation 

How To Travel More With Less Money

How To Travel For Cheap During A Peak Travel Season


On ‘Life On Road’

How To Make Friends While Travelling Solo

7 Things I’d Tell A New Traveller

The Joy Of Slow Travel

How I Deal With Language Barrier While Travelling


On ‘Choices’

Why I Quit My Job To Travel

Should You Quit Your Job And Travel


On ‘Women And Solo Travel’

4 Women Who Conquered Common Beliefs To Travel The World

Solo Female Travel Tips – Getting Started

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