Travel Gear

With more and more people reading about my travel journeys, many have started asking about what I pack for my travels. And since it’s practically difficult and practically impossible to answer all of them, in detail, I’ve put together this page that talks about my term travel gear, and a link from where one can buy the particular product from.

While my travel journeys are generally of low budget, my gear can be expensive because I want it to be functional and long lasting. Any worn-out means you waste your time and you waste your money in buying their replacements.

Below you’ll find the travel gear that I currently use, love and highly recommend. Attractive, handy, value for price, professional and long lasting, these things fit all the descriptions. There’s certainly a low-cost alternative to some of the products, but if you want best in its class, look no further.


I am totally in love with this backpack. It’s not too big and is exceptionally durable. I’ve been using this for last few years, and had no wornouts. A 50ltr capacity is moreover just perfect to go lightweight.
Lowepro makes the best camera backpacks ever. I am using it for over 2 years now, and totally love how it protects my camera from everything. This backpack is ideal to carry a DSLR, an extra lens, a laptop, and much more.


If you’re looking for something light, look no further than this 30ltr rucksack. It is much handy, and can be taken as a cabin luggage while flying. I use it mostly for short trips, and to save money avoiding checking baggage.
Since I stay mostly in hostels, I need to keep my valuables from being stolen. This is when you need a reliable, a strong padlock. This fancy, combinations lock looks trendy and is quite reliable.



I’d choose Nikon over Cannon anyday. They are better in terms of shutter speed, are more handy and offer a a wide range of shooting options. I bought D5200 because it renders various fast-moving scenes naturally – something very important while travelling.

My go-to lens! This rarely leaves my camera. Since I need to be fast, a fixed focal length is the only way to go. A 35mm is moreover perfect from street photography to landscapes to interior shots.


A kit lens is something you cannot avoid to have. I got this free with my camera and I admit it rarely gets used. But at times where I need a little zoom in, I bother unmounting my 35 mm and use this one for a change.

A must for capturing HD video with a dSLR camera. I always go for the maximum GB possible in order to avoid missing a great shot while frantically clearing out old photos.


Xiomi YI Action Camera is amazing in every way. They are one third the price of a GoPro, give 160 degree ultra-wide shots and can shoot a 90 minute video in one charge. I shoot all my videos with a Xiomi.

This thing protects my Xiomi YI Action Camera from any wear and tear – on top of making it a waterproof camera. Now I can go scuba and snorkelling and keep clicking amazing videos even underwater.


A selfie stick is a must for your action camera. And this one is just perfect in terms of handling as well as design. I’ve bought a few selfie sticks for my action camera, but none can replace this one. Can also be used for a GoPro.

To edit my pictures, I need a reliable software. Why I love Photoshop over Lightroom is because it is easy to convert Raw images in Photoshop and you can edit your pictures with much flexibility than the lightroom.



If you are looking for a cheap, light weight, easy to set-up tent, look no further than this. I have been using it for over 2 years, camping in -10,-15 degree calcium temperatures and in under harsh wind. Thins tent is the best.

Quechua S15 Light sleeping bag is ideal for camping in Himalayas. Its light weight, waterproof, and its compact design is perfect for hiking, and fits just well in your backpack. What’s better is this can fit one as well as two people, thanks to its flexible design.


There are quite a few headlamp options out there, and trust me I’ve used a few. But the one I particularly like and often take with me, even when not camping is this one. Its 19-LED Headlamps moreover makes it a perfect companion if you’re camping alone.

I also carry a solar lantern with me every time I go out camping. They can be charged in the morning and used in the night. Unlike batter operated flashlights, they are more reliable and just don’t go off suddenly in the night. And their price… just compelling.