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With more and more people reading about my travel journeys, many have started asking about what I pack for my travels. So I’ve put together this page to share my long-term travel packing list, that gives a brief idea about why I use and recommend a particular product and a link from where you can buy it from.

The gear I use may not suit every traveller’s need, so have your wits about it before you make a purchase. Moreover, please note that some of my gear may seem expensive, but the quality they offer will make it up to the price tag.

Below you’ll find the travel gear that I currently use and highly recommend. Attractive, handy, value for the price, professional and long-lasting, these things fit all the descriptions. There’s certainly a low-cost alternative to some of the products, but if you want best in its class, look no further.


Rucksack: Quechua Forclaz 60ltr Backpack

With its 60ltr capacity, this backpack is neither too big nor small and is ideal for short as well as long-term travel. The product is exceptionally durable, and I’ve personally been using it for the past six months.  You may find a few cheap alternatives in its class, but rest assured, if you invest INR 3.5K in this product, you won’t regret later. Moreover, at this prize, a branded front loader is impossible to get. Visit this link to buy the product: Quechua Forclaz 60ltr Backpack.

Camera Bag: Lowepro DSLR Fastpack 150 AW

US-based Lowepro makes the best camera backpacks out there, and I’ve been using their three different products at the moment, but among all Lowepro Fastpack 150 remains my favourite. I’ve been using this backpack for over 2 years now, and still in love with it. I love how it protects my camera from everything – dust, rain, as well as shocks, thanks to a good padding. It carries my DSLR, an extra lens, a laptop, all chargers and a few other things in between.

If you’re a travel blogger or are someone who carries a few digital equipment while travelling, look no further. However, based on the number of lenses you carry and the size of your laptop, you can check other Lowepro Fastpack Backpack, in the series. Visit this link to buy the product: Lowepro DSLR Fastpack 150


Action Camera: YI Action Camera

There are many action cameras out there, with Hero GoPro leading the crowd. The only problem is, Hero GoPro is undeniably expensive. Alternatives like SJCam and others lack way behind in quality. But Xiomi YI action camera, priced at INR 9k offers the same quality of that of a GoPro (visit my youtube channel to make yourself believe). In low light conditions, it surely disappoints a bit, but speaking of daylight shooting, it outruns many and competes with a Hero GoPro. I’ve been using XiomiYI for more than two years now and totally love the sound and image quality.

Go for Xiomi YI 4K Action Camera, if you want to click videos in 4k, but if 4k isn’t a particular requirement for you then go for the one I own. Please note that there are different versions of Xiomi Yi, some costing a couple of grand cheaper (priced at 6 or 7k), that are the first few models of Xiomi Yi and lack in technology, so I cannot vouch for them. I’m only recommending the one this link redirects to: YI Action Camera

Professional DSLR: Sony Alpha A6000 or Sony Alpha A6300

As they say that the best camera is the one you can always carry, I’ve improved my photography so much since I’ve switched to this mirrorless camera, after using Nikon D5200 for many years. Thanks to its compact size, I can carry it anywhere, and experiment in different situations – from trekking to being a pillion on someone’s motorbike. A fast(est) autofocus in its class makes things even easier.

If you want a 4k video recording, go for Sony Alpha A6300, and don’t even think twice. If, however, you are only into photography and HD videos are enough for you, go for Sony Alpha A6000 and save yourself a few thousand rupees. Visit this link to buy the product:  Sony Alpha A6300 | Sony Alpha A6000.


Laptop: Lenovo Yoga 310 11.6-inch Laptop

Lenovo Yoga Since the inception of my blogging career, in January 2016, I’ve been using this notebook and I couldn’t be happier. Its 11.5 inch screen size makes it lightweight and easier to carry. Moreover, with a 360 degree screen rotation, which is also touch-enabled, it can be used as a tablet while travelling in buses or flight. What makes it even better for a traveller is its tough and durable body that comes with one year of accidental warranty.

So if you’re looking for a small-size budget notebook, with multiple functionalities, all without breaking your pocket, go for Lenovo Yoga 310 11.6-inch Laptop, without thinking twice.

Also check the new Lenovo Yoga 910, if you’re looking for something more efficient in terms of functioning. Visit this link to buy the product: Lenovo Yoga 310 11.6-inch Laptop.

Other Travel Gear I Currently Use, Include:

Quechua Arpenaz 1+1 Tent | Quechua S15 Sleeping Bag | Cabin Zero Backpack |

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Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links to partner brands. If you click on one of the links and buy a product I’ll get a share of your total sale. But this won’t affect the price you will be charged.