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Hampi: A Journey To The Unknown

As the sun set down the dusk fell on the river, but no lights appeared along the shore. Hunters for treasure and the seekers of fame, it felt, this river has seen them all, back in time, when they came possessing whatever they found, within the greatness the of this land, until that greatness surrendered and started losing itself into the oblivious mystery of unknown. I wonder how many times Hampi fell prey to human greed, generation after generation, as people submitted themselves to the insatiable thirst to acquire more and looted Hampi and took back with them, all they assumed was of any value. It reminded me of that computer game I used to play, where you take a big army of knights and swordsmen and bring down your neighbouring empire, something similar – or perhaps much uncomfortable and eerily painful – as it felt, might have happened here, as you walk about a cluster of empty ruins in Hampi. Beautiful, but missed monuments, lying wasted, losing their significance to the impenetrable gloom. Temples, either sealed …

Hampi: A Journey Back Into The Time

When in Hampi, you experience a different sense of reality. A reality, which dates back its existence thousands of years ago. I’ve seen remote towns of Ladakh and the isolated mountains of Bhutan but the kind of unfamiliarity this place made me feel was, by far, unparalleled! Also see the blog post I’ve written on Hampi: Hampi, A Journey Back In Time