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Hallan Valley

4 Best Places for Camping in Manali

I remember when I first visited Manali, it was some 5 years ago. Dreading the summer heat in Delhi and wanting a quick escape, Manali, at 2800m above the sea level, felt like a perfect escape. Here, in Manali, I had heard, it’s not just the weather that stays pleasant throughout the year (below 30 degrees even during the warm summer days) but the experiences are always great too, for there are enough tourist attractions in Manali. In about 30 or 40 km of radius from Manali, you have Buddhist monasteries to visit, adventure activities like camping and paragliding and river-rafting to try, some of the highest motorable passes to conquer, and nature parks to explore. And if you’re still not sure, you always have warm Himachali hospitality to make it up to you. But if you happen to be a nature lover and the reason for you to be visiting the Himalayas is unwinding your daily life in the city, then I can’t suggest going for camping in Manali more. There are various travel …

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Planning Camping In Manali? Try Footloose Camps!

After exploring three continents and much of India in the previous two years when the idea of starting a new venture — of opening a tourist facility — struck my mind, the Himalayas felt like the best option. But where in the Himalayas was the question! From the vainglorious far-out valleys in the East to some of the most splendid and frequent in the West, the Indian Himalayas offer a great deal of natural bounty and experiences and basis on where you end up staying (unless you’ve spent years exploring it, just like I did) you shape a picture of your own version of the Himalayas, and its people. Imagine if you stayed at only one place in the Indian Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, and that happened to be Darma Valley in Pithoragarh district — you’d consider Uttarakhand as a land of meat-eaters, and a place where animal sacrifice is still blatantly practiced. Now those who are familiar with Uttarakhand, very well know that Uttarakhand is majorly a dry district, where in most parts serving any meat …