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Concluding Video Of My Backpacking Trip To Thailand

I recently did a 15-day trip to Thailand. And I think it is a great country to travel. Safe, cheap and culturally beautiful. Those who travel to Thailand often find it to be a favourite destination for a multitude of reasons, and I am no different. From food to its nightlife to its people — I loved every bit of it. Here, my concluding video to a rocking Thai Trip: A few blog posts I’ve written on Thailand: How Much Money To Travel In Thailand | Thailand Visa On Arrival |  Subscribe to my Youtube channel, for more travel videos. 

Why Bangkok Is An Ideal City For A First Time Solo Traveller

I stayed in Thailand for more than two weeks, travelled from north to south, and it had been a whirlwind experience. While I enjoyed most of its cities and towns and islands, nothing can compare my love for Bangkok. And I only imagine there will be more tributes to Bangkok, especially when I will be back in India and have the chance to reminisce and write more. I encourage everyone to visit Bangkok, particularly those who’re new to the idea of long-term solo travelling. And it shouldn’t take that much persuasion, after all, Bangkok has been named as one of the world’s best cities to travel to, for many years in a row, and there is a reason for it. In fact, there are many reasons. Read: How To See Bangkok In 3 Days From world-class food to nature parks to party places, Bangkok leads in everything. Though some people do complain that it is too noisy, I think my Indian dispositions helped me blend in fairly easily. In only a few hours after I …

Backpacking Through Bhutan: Is It Possible?

Nestled between India and Tibet, the remote and breath-taking Kingdom of Bhutan has always been popular for restricting the inflow of tourists. But if you look at the world now, Bhutan is the only remaining Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom in the entire world which makes it alluring to tourists. What makes it more alluring is the fact that it has only opened its borders to tourists only in 1974. Perhaps that’s why I’d initially decided to backpack across Bhutan, I knew I was in store for a travel experience unlike any other. But I wanted to travel like a real backpacker. Paying $250-A-Day Royalty In Bhutan Where many want to experience Bhutan’s culture and learn about the unique sentiments attached to it, travelling to this Unknown Shangri-la is no easy job. The country requires you to pay $250-a-day in Royalty, against which you will get a pre-booked accommodation and a complete end-to-end itinerary — right from the morning tea to the late evening snacks. You will moreover be accompanied by a tour guide, during your entire …