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The Temples Of Angkor Wat

Visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat is in every traveller’s bucket list. And they were the first thing I saw in Cambodia, and I was left spellbound. So without saying much, I kept capturing bits and pieces in a video camera – and now this is what I’ve got. A 3-minute video of my visit to the temples of Angkor. Take a look: Visiting Cambodia? Read: Cambodia Travel Guide | How Much It Costs To Travel In Cambodia

Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

It’s sad how so many people travel to Thailand and after visiting a few night bars, shopping malls and islands, they think they’ve seen it all. You can find those attractions almost anywhere else in the world. That is not the real Thailand. But perhaps this — a daily food market running on the railway tracks — is uncommon. Publicly known as Maeklong Railway market, this is something unique thing about Thailand. More on Thailand: How To See Bangkok In 3 days

Why I Want To Travel Bhutan Again

Of all the places I’ve been to, Bhutan remains one of my favorites. Not much is known of this country, and even less is heard about. No wonder, Bhutan is a place to be discovered. Many people find it hard to sample its charms due to the country’s high daily tariff (about $250 per day per person) and complicated visa requirements – which, fortunately enough, don’t apply to Indian tourists. We can cross the border anytime we want and enjoy its warmth, humility, friendliness and spiritual peace, like a backpacker. But why do I care to visit it again? Well, of all the compelling reasons Bhutan’s ‘Restaurants Cum Bars’ – as they are often named – are something I find myself mostly yearning for. They are a basic Bar like facility where you can enjoy ‘Emma Dhatsi’ – an insanely hot delicacy of boiled chilies and local cheese – and all those local beers and whiskeys. For a start remember that they are in no shortage in any sense. If Bhutan has some 100,000 shops in …

In Search Of Happiness

I found Bhutan a rather charming and fascinating place. No matter how worldly and materialistic your approach towards life is, if you travel Bhutan with an open mind, their philosophical and idealistic culture would force you to contemplate, and contemplate twice, on some of the most confusing questions concerning human existence. During my visit to Bhutan, I happened to spend a chilly evening with a couple of friends I met in the capital city Thimpu. They shared with me some crazy ideas about their culture and a unique Bhutanese philosophy that left me spilling my guts out. These young men had no decent excuse to ponder or even believe in such crazy ideologies – and their firm belief left me startled. “There’s a very simple solution to be happy in your life,” said one of them “Just think about death few times every day.” The entire conversation around such a cheesy topic started when – during our philosophical conversation – they happened to ask me about that one thing I want from my life. “To be …