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My First Scuba Diving Experience

Life Underwater – a serene, slow-motion world, almost tranquil and unreal.


The sun started dissolving slowly, as I deflated my buoyancy control jacket. The blue, hazy sea in front of me, slowly darkened.

I remember the first time I started sinking I was half scared. The idea of leaving the world I’d always known, and entering into something far mysterious and eerie – was undoubtedly scary; and the fact that every cry, every yell, will only going to be left unheard, was moreover alarmingly daunting. For the first 5 minutes I did not take my eyes off my instructor and the two fellow divers. They seemed like my only hope. But as I slowly sank down, listening to a louder ‘pop’ in my left ear, I began to take shape and coming into focus.


Nearly 12 metres down in the depths of the Arabian Sea, the life I saw, existing and moving was totally magical. And I remember I stopped breathing.

It was not through fear anymore, but from sheer awe and wonder. The world slowed as I tried to savour every moment, remember every detail. It was more beautiful than I imagined. And the tranquillity was far unparalleled – something that I never found even in the most isolated, most quarantined corners of Himalayas.


In less than 40 minutes of our first dive, I was sure that this is more surreal than any city, any town, any sunset, I’d ever seen in this life.

I saw uncountable fishes dancing in their ever impressive formation. Candy-hued coral swayed underneath like a colorful Monet. Crabs were crawling across the sea floor, as the colourful parrotfishes appeared, out of sudden, eating algae off of coral reefs.


Life underwater is beautiful. And the many nameless fish – both tiny and moderate in size – zigzagging their way around you, makes it only far magical. Fairy-tale like, perhaps.

The discovery of a Pupperfish, who was almost ready to dispense her magic upon us, as I remember, was the highlight. At Suzy’s wreck – a 30 m long World War ruin, the sheer amount of wildlife present was incredible. The discoveries were endless.


I couldn’t recommend WestCoastAdventures more highly for this trip. What could have been very intimidating and panic-inducing situations, they made safe and fun. I felt like I was diving with old friends — old friends who were much more brilliant and experienced divers than I, that is!

And one bonus thing I loved about them was that they took photos for me. I had my own Xiomi YI Underwater Action Camera with me, of course, but it was so wonderful to have photos of myself underwater, when I’m usually the one behind the lens. So next time you visit Goa (I am sure you’re planning a trip around New Year) get thyself a little more deeper than the shallow beaches and experience something new.

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Shortly after my first real nine-to-five job, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in my backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to stay in one place. I believe that with a little courage and inspiration, everyone has the power to follow their dreams. Just as I've followed mine!


  1. Hello..
    Among the various things to do in Goa, for the adventurous spirit, there are always the depths of the sea to explore. Scuba Diving In Goa has been left nearly untouched by the multitude of tourists that come to Goa every year.

  2. Oh my god. I love this <3 soo many exciting experiences. Definately I will buy Xiomi YI Underwater Action Camera also It's cheaper than Gopro 5
    Thank's Dev for share with us.

  3. I adore your writing style. I remember my first scuba diving experience, it was in Koh Tao. I was so scared and nervous at first, but then I actually started to like it. By now I’ve had many scuba diving adventures and many others to go.

  4. The way you describe your experience is great. I can almost feel that myself is also there diving with you and seeing what you saw. The underwater view is indeed beautiful and it is impossible to not be in awe once you see it for yourself such beauty. I think I get the tranquility you’re talking about and how the world seems to slow down when you’re underwater. I have never tried to scuba dive before but I do snorkeling a lot. It might be almost the same experience but then it could be totally different. There is always the first time for things, but there can be or can not be the second time, yes? Depends on how the first impression got us. As you said you’d definitely going for the diving again, you absolutely should check us out. Not only you can dive into the beautiful spots with us but you can also cruise with us to the absolutely stunning places. Please do check us out, thank you!

  5. That trip looks amazing! Do you like the Xiaomi Yi action camera? I have been thinking of getting it as well, seeing how it is so much cheaper than GoPro.

    • Hi Savanna, yes I use Xiomi Yi and except for shooting in low light conditions, I think it’s a better alternative to GoPro, given its much wider lens and ofcourse, cheaper price! And by the way, you do product reviews, I’m sure you know better!

  6. Hi dev
    What a nice experience it is. I really loved it. Do you know? All the picture are looking nice.
    I think, you felt excited and better when you driving scuba. What is your next plan? Can you share with me? I always try to something new too. Whatever everyone should know that experience sharing is most important for spending enjoyable time. Your article is very readable so keep it up. Thanks!


    Dude you are amazing. Exploring new places. In previous birth u did something good. As a result of that you are enjoying your life with mother nature in this birth.envy time take me with you I want to try something new too.
    Anyway, All the best! keep travelling and visit new places as much as you can. Hope one day I will join you. Have fun. Keep in touch! Keep rocking!!

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment Shravana. And yes, you’re always invited to travel along.

  8. Sachin says

    That was quite an experience bro. You did it in Goa? How was the visibility? I also want to do it……

    • Visibility remained around 10 meters. The best I had was 12 meters. Yea give it a try the next time you visit there. If bounded with time, you can also go for a single open water dive. Good luck.

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