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Backcountry Snowboarding In The Himalayas

Located only 25 km from the town of Manali, in the Himalayan Pir Panjal range, Sethan offers some of the best slopes in the world for backcountry snowboarding/skiing. According to an Australia based ski expert and the author of many books, C.R. Spooner, Pir Panjal is the Mecca backcountry skiing/boarding locale in the Indian Himalayas. I happened to visit Sethan during the winter months of 2017 and was flabbergasted by seeing how much it actually snowed there. Always wanting to return, as winter hit in 2018, I bought my own snowboard from Delhi and made my way to Manali, and further to Sethan. Bringing to you my week-long backcountry snowboarding adventure in Sethan, here’s a quick 3-minute video: You can also read more about My First Snowboarding Experience In Sethan last year.

hor air ballooning in goa

Hot Air Ballooning

‘With bug eyes and my mouth wide open, I forgot to take photos for the first few minutes, just trying to absorb it all in, honouring every moment. Then I quickly remembered I’m a blogger on a mission, and I started to take photos and videos like a photography fiend — presenting to you a few clips from that person: You can also read about that experience, here: Hor air ballooning in Goa

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Two Month Solo Backpacking In Europe

Europe is perhaps the most friendly continent in the world for solo-backpackers. With easy border crossing, a world-class public transport system, and more youth hostels than anywhere else in the world, Europe is meant for backpackers, and for travelling a few countries in just one go. Earlier in 2017 — between April and May — I travelled across 8 countries in Europe over a period of two months (or 58 days to be precise). I started from Zurich in Switzerland and completed a loop while travelling across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, before flying back to India from Zurich again, and it was a whirlwind experience. I stayed with local families in Germany & Italy, explored Swiss Alps, tried Segway in Rome, and had many other memorable experiences. Presenting in a quick 3-minute video, here’re some highlights from my two-month backpacking trip across Europe: Planning to backpack in Europe? Read: Budget Travel Tips For Europe

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A Day Trip To The Swiss Alps

Switzerland, for Indians, has always been a country where you would want to skip the big towns, wander off the highway onto the back roads, and experience its countryside — and with that, those unforgettable Bollywood movie sequences we’ve grown up watching. So as I landed in Europe, for a 2-month long backpacking holiday, I decided to leave Zurich behind, on the very first day I arrived in the country, and do a day trip to the mount of Titlis. From what I experienced to where I booked the tour from, here’s a quick video of my Day Trip To Swiss Alps From Zurich (yes, I’ve also written a blog post on it): Continue planning your trip to Switzerland, by reading: How to Spend 24 Hours In Zurich | Most Scenic Bus Ride in Switzerland

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One Month Backpacking In Gujarat

Before I started the journey, and while I was still initially planning my one-month backpacking trip across Gujarat, I’d no idea what to expect. A limited information about travel destinations in Gujarat was my biggest challenge, forget about a dearth of public transportation we are all privy to. But in the end, everything turned out pretty well. People in Gujarat are friendly and honest. Despite no public transport available in most parts of the state, particularly in and around Kutch, I’d no problem backpacking there. Local people were helpful enough to offer a lift or suggest me a way around. Gujarat, may not be one of the backpacking-friendly destinations in India, but it’s definitely not the least friendly. Here, a quick overview of my one-month backpacking journey across Gujarat: Continue planning your trip to Gujarat reading: Gujarat Travel Guide | Kutch Travel Guide | Rann Utsav in Kutch

snowboarding india

Snowboarding In Sethan

At nearly 3200 m above sea level and a 45 min drive from Manali, Sethan offers beautiful views of the towering Dhauladhar ranges. A town inhabited by Tibetan settlement, Sethan is an ideal place for snow activities like skiing, snow trekking and sledging, among others. I had my first snowboarding experience in Sethan in 2016 and since then I’ve been totally hooked on it, and have visited Sethan at least a dozen times. What makes Sethan a better alternative to Solang Valley or Rohtang for snow activities, is its offbeat location. Unlike other places, here you don’t have a ski slope for yourself but the entire range of mountains. Here’s a quick video about my visit to Sethan: Continue planning your trip to Sethan, reading the article here: Sethan Village In Himachal

Journey To Panchachuli Base Camp

I’ve done quite a few treks in Uttarakhand. But this time, I was doing Panchachuli Base Camp Trek, located in Darma Valley, at the end of eastern Kumaon region, in Uttarakhand. Darma Valley turned out to be my personal favourite in the entire Uttarakhand. I liked its setting. Small towns were periodically placed every few kilometres. The valley was continuously green and occasionally colourful. The many waterfalls that came my way, were also no less appealing either. Here a 3-minute ode to my journey in Darma Valley and towards Panchachuli Base Camp. Have You Tried Panchachuli Basecamp Trek? 

The Temples Of Angkor Wat

Visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat is in every traveller’s bucket list. And they were the first thing I saw in Cambodia, and I was left spellbound. So without saying much, I kept capturing bits and pieces in a video camera – and now this is what I’ve got. A 3-minute video of my visit to the temples of Angkor. Take a look: Visiting Cambodia? Read: Cambodia Travel Guide | How Much It Costs To Travel In Cambodia

Maeklong Railway Market, Thailand

It’s sad how so many people travel to Thailand and after visiting a few night bars, shopping malls and islands, they think they’ve seen it all. You can find those attractions almost anywhere else in the world. That is not the real Thailand. But perhaps this — a daily food market running on the railway tracks — is uncommon. Publicly known as Maeklong Railway market, this is something unique thing about Thailand. More on Thailand: How To See Bangkok In 3 days

Timelapse Of My Camping-Site-In-Making, In Chandratal

During my very recent 9-day solo bike trip to Spiti Valley, I camped almost every night. This helped me to keep my budget under a good control and stay away from the most ‘sought after’ tourist places — as I had the security to have a roof at night, no matter where I go. Here, a quick time lapse of my temporary dwelling (on day 8) in making. Pretty neat, eh? Location: Chandra Tal (about 4,300 m above sea level) Read About My Solo Motorbiking Expedition To Spiti Valley