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Budget Travel Guide For Nubra Valley: Hitchhiking & Camping

Located along the northern border of India, with a tributary of Indus-Shyok as its lifeline, Nubra Valley is unlike any other valley in Ladakh. Home to contrasting cultures, beautiful landscapes, and above all — the world’s highest motorable road of KhardungLa Pass, Nubra Valley remains a popular highlight for travellers visiting Leh-Ladakh, particularly for motorbike enthusiasts. Also Read: How To Best Travel From Delhi To Leh I heard stories of Nubra Valley’s beauty too from other fellow travellers (99% of whom happen to rent and ride a motorbike) before finally planning an itinerary myself, but with a little distinction. I was hoping to camp and hitchhike all the way and thus conclude the entire journey (from Leh-Nubra valley-Leh) for a price less than what hiring a motorbike for just 2-days costs — forget about fuel, accommodation, food and other expenses. So if you too are planning something similar, read this ideal (Camping+Hitchhiking) Budget Travel Guide for Nubra Valley: But Before Anything, please note that I am not comparing the two experiences. Having your own motorbike (or …

9 Tips For Planning Any Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycles were invented for the same reason roads were – to travel and tell stories. When I started backpacking full-time, one of my biggest fantasies was going on a long solo motorbiking trip in the Himalayas. And there was a time when I was totally hooked on it, resulting in many motorbiking trips across New Delhi, particularly in the Himalayas. I think people who own a two-wheeler but don’t go on road-trips are unlucky and are definitely missing out a lot. So if you’ve always wanted to do the same and experience a motorcycle road-trip, make 2018 your year and go on that fantasy road-trip across India. But before anything, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before you hit the road. These are the tips that I learned from my experiences of riding in India. Get yourself a proper luggage system If you think investing in a proper luggage for a trip is a wastage of money, you’re mistaken. A proper luggage system not only improves on your luggage carrying …

hor air ballooning in goa

Hot Air Ballooning

‘With bug eyes and my mouth wide open, I forgot to take photos for the first few minutes, just trying to absorb it all in, honouring every moment. Then I quickly remembered I’m a blogger on a mission, and I started to take photos and videos like a photography fiend — presenting to you a few clips from that person: You can also read about that experience, here: Hor air ballooning in Goa Subscribe to my Youtube channel, for more travel videos.

Hot Air Ballooning In Goa: What It Feels Like

After groggily waking up at 5:15 in the morning – before even the birds woke up – I was ready to leave and reach our Hot Air Balloon flight station, some 30 kilometres away from the place where I was staying, at Agonda beach, in South Goa. I’d barely slept the night before because I was so excited. After all, the idea of flying in a basket, led by a 10 meter giant balloon – the first ever method of flight created by man, was quite a celebration. Flustered and windswept, I reached the location – a long empty ground, almost in the middle of nowhere. I had nearly considered it a bad start of the day, and then my eyes fell on a massive, oval shaped balloon. I’d never seen a Hot Air Balloon from so close, in my life before – and as I remember, it looked beautiful! Under the safe and knowledgeable direction of Rita, our flying pilot, who has been flying this thing for the past 16 years (yes, you read that …