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Leaving For An Epic Motorcycle Adventure TOMORROW: Sach Pass–Zanskar–Kargil–Leh

So tomorrow (on 15th September) I am leaving for one of the most epic and adventurous motorcycle rides of my life – covering nearly 4000km on some of the world’s deadliest, treacherous and highest motorable roads. I will be starting from New Delhi and covering Sach Pass, Zanskar, Kargil and Leh, with mountain passes as high as 5000m above sea level. With an aim to cover 4000 km in about two weeks (on roads that actually defy all definitions ‘a road’) this is going to be the most thrilling ride of my life! Until now, motorcycling seemed like an utter waste of effort to me. I always thought, what thrill do these so-called bikers get in riding across a place for weeks. I mean think of it this way: when you travel from point A to point B in a bus or, say, in a train, you get to see and do so much than when you do the same journey riding a motorcycle. When you’re on a motorcycle, all you do is get a …

9 Tips For Planning Any Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycles were invented for the same reason roads were – to travel and tell stories. When I started backpacking full-time, one of my biggest fantasies was going on a long solo motorbiking trip in the Himalayas. And there was a time when I was totally hooked on it, resulting in many motorbiking trips across New Delhi, particularly in the Himalayas. I think people who own a two-wheeler but don’t go on road-trips are unlucky and are definitely missing out a lot. So if you’ve always wanted to do the same and experience a motorcycle road-trip, make 2018 your year and go on that fantasy road-trip across India. But before anything, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before you hit the road. These are the tips that I learned from my experiences of riding in India. Get yourself a proper luggage system If you think investing in proper luggage for a trip is a wastage of money, you’re mistaken. A proper luggage system not only improves on your luggage carrying capacity …

hor air ballooning in goa

Hot Air Ballooning

‘With bug eyes and my mouth wide open, I forgot to take photos for the first few minutes, just trying to absorb it all in, honouring every moment. Then I quickly remembered I’m a blogger on a mission, and I started to take photos and videos like a photography fiend — presenting to you a few clips from that person: You can also read about that experience, here: Hor air ballooning in Goa

Hot Air Ballooning In Goa: What It Feels Like

After groggily waking up at 5:15 in the morning – before even the birds woke up – I was ready to leave and reach our Hot Air Balloon flight station, some 30 kilometers away from the place where I was staying, at Agonda beach, in South Goa. I’d barely slept the night before because I was so excited. After all, the idea of flying in a basket, led by a 10-meter giant balloon – the first-ever method of flight created by man, was quite a celebration. Flustered and windswept, I reached the location – a long empty ground, almost in the middle of nowhere. I had nearly considered it a bad start of the day, and then my eyes fell on a massive, oval-shaped balloon. I’d never seen a Hot Air Balloon from so close, in my life before – and as I remember, it looked beautiful! Under the safe and knowledgeable direction of Rita, our flying pilot, who has been flying this thing for the past 16 years (yes, you read that correctly, 16 years …