Month: March 2017

Sethan Village In Himachal: A Place To Relax, Unwind And Just Be!

After a few lazy nights in Charanag, in Hallan Valley — a small town tucked away from the crowd of Manali, in Himachal Pradesh — it was time to relax, and lose myself in oblivion, yet once again. And Sethan sounded like a perfect name. Located approximately at a 45-minute drive from Manali, Sethan is a place for slow travellers – particularly during winters, when snow claims its ground and any movement beyond this tiny Buddhist town, becomes impossible! In the month of March, and with mercury still falling beyond zero for most of the hours in a day, the valley was draped in white. Little flakes of happiness were everywhere! From Sethan, one can see the towering Dhauladhar ranges surrounding the village, and the river Beas flowing right next to it – perhaps a few thousand feet down. The inhabitants of Sethan are the original migrants from Tibet and Spiti Valley, representing a Buddhist community who share their roots being horse herders in their past. They were given land in the surrounding areas by the then …

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Snowboarding In Sethan

At nearly 3200 m above sea level and a 45 min drive from Manali, Sethan offers beautiful views of the towering Dhauladhar ranges. A town inhabited by Tibetan settlement, Sethan is an ideal place for snow activities like skiing, snow trekking and sledging, among others. I had my first snowboarding experience in Sethan in 2016 and since then I’ve been totally hooked on it, and have visited Sethan at least a dozen times. What makes Sethan a better alternative to Solang Valley or Rohtang for snow activities, is its offbeat location. Unlike other places, here you don’t have a ski slope for yourself but the entire range of mountains. Here’s a quick video about my visit to Sethan: Continue planning your trip to Sethan, reading the article here: Sethan Village In Himachal. And if you’re planning to stay in Sethan, don’t forget to consider my campsite FootlooseCamps. Subscribe to my Youtube channel, for more travel videos.

6 Biggest Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Travel writers always give travel tips that talk about what to do when you travel. They are all must-see and must-do lists out there on internet. Go there, eat this and try that. But what about things to avoid, what about those tiny inevitable mistakes that sometimes create a momentary disappointment, and sometimes, big time blunders. From avoiding money exchange at airports, to avoiding traveller’s cheques, there are so many insignificant decisions that lead to nothing but wasted time and money. But the good thing is, with a little planning ahead, it’s easy enough to avoid these common mistakes, and enjoy your vacation better. I’ve made all these mistakes, but it is by doing them wrong in the past, I’ve learned how to make them right today. Hence, from my experiences, I’m sharing some of the common travel mistakes you should avoid to become a savvier traveller: Never Eat Near A Major Tourist Site The food near any major tourist site (I’m not talking about local night-markets or weekend markets, but other places of interest for a …